Facts and Figures 2010

Morningside College College Motto: Scholarship, Virtue, Service Founded in 2006, Morningside College seeks to cultivate independent and creative thought, study to good purpose, vigorous debate, and service to Hong Kong, China, and the world. S.H. Ho College College Motto: Culture, Morals, Devotion, Trustworthiness Founded in 2006, S.H. Ho College is a fully residential college which is centred on regular communal dining. The College seeks above all to provide its students with a welcoming environment they can call home, and is attentive to tried and tested traditions of whole person education. C.W. Chu College College Motto: Cultus et Beneficentia Founded in 2007, C.W. Chu College seeks to cultivate among students a commitment to personal responsibility and integrity, as well as the spirit of self-help and helping others, advocated and personally practised by the late Dr. C.W. Chu, which will lay the foundation for making contributions to society, nurturing of talents for the nation and enriching students’ lives. Wu Yee Sun College College Motto: Scholarship and Perseverance Founded in 2007, Wu Yee Sun College cultivates among students a commitment to personal and social responsibility as well as integrity which will lay the foundation for making contributions to society and an enriching life in the future. Lee Woo Sing College College Motto: Wisdom, Humanity, Integrity, Harmony Lee Woo Sing College was founded in 2007 with the mission to help broaden students’ understanding of and liaison with Hong Kong, the mainland and the world, so as to enable them to build up a successful career in the future, and to encourage students to contribute to their alma mater. Note: Morningside College and S.H. Ho College will admit their first cohort of students in 2010; Lee Woo Sing College will admit its first class of students in 2011; the other two Colleges are expected to operate by 2012. Colleges 8