Facts and Figures 2011

Campus Network Facts Figures On Campus Internet Bandwidth 3,498 Mbps Campus Network Outlets 32,131 Ports Student Hostel Network Outlets All with 1000 Mbps wired connected 7,784 Ports Wi-Fi Access All major lecture theatres; student canteens; libraries and public areas Buildings with Optical Fibre Connection 125 Outside Campus Campus Network Outlets 6,556 Ports Wi-Fi Access Points (via Wi-Fi Partnership Programme) Major coffee shops, shopping malls, convenient stores, airport, public phone kiosks >11,000 Student Hostels Number of Places International Houses 254 Postgraduate Halls 946 Chung Chi College (Hua Lien Tang, Lee Shu Pui Hall, Madam S.H. Ho Hall, Ming Hua Tang, Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex High Block, Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Low Block, Theology Building, Wen Chih Tang, Wen Lin Tang,Ying Lin Tang) 1,413 New Asia College (Chih Hsing Hall, Daisy Li Hall, Grace Tien Hall, Xuesi Hall) 1,066 United College (Adam Schall Residence, Bethlehem Hall, Chan Chun Ha Hostel, Hang Seng Hall) 1,048 Shaw College (Kuo Mou Hall, Student Hostel II) 1,160 Madam S.H. Ho Hostel for Medical Students 248 Total 6,135 26