CUHK: Focus at 50

16 聚焦凝鏡:中大金禧紀實 CUHK: Focus at 50 表揚貢獻 Commendations 多位社會賢達和傑出人士獲頒榮譽院士和榮譽博士,成為中大的一分子。 首批卓敏教授席於年內設立,授予十一位教研卓越的教授。 A number of distinguished persons were conferred honorary fellowships and honorary doctorates, becoming members of the University. The first batch of Choh-Ming Li Professorships were installed and awarded to 11 outstanding professors. 頒授榮譽博士學位 Conferment of Honorary Degrees 17.10.2013, 6.12.2013 1 李國寶博士 Dr. Li Kwok-po David 2 Barry James Marshall 教授 Prof. Barry James Marshall 3 杜葉錫恩博士 Dr. Elsie Tu 4 黃仁龍先生 Mr. Wong Yan-lung 5 鍾南山教授 Prof. Zhong Nanshan 6 Andrew D. Hamilton 教授 Prof. Andrew D. Hamilton 7 楊福家教授 Prof. Yang Fujia 8 陳啟宗博士 Dr. Ronnie Chan Chichung 9 楊梁燕芳博士(別名芳艷芬) Dr. Katie Yang Leung Yin-fong (alias Fong Yim-fun) 1 5