CUHK: Focus at 50

22 聚焦凝鏡:中大金禧紀實 CUHK: Focus at 50 開創 Empower our Future 關愛社群 Love and Care 秉承人文精神的傳統,凝聚中大人的力量,身體力行 將關愛由校園傳送到社區以至內地,幫助匱乏者開創 前景。 Upholding its tradition of a humanistic spirit, the University focuses the power of its members in order to contribute to society and the nation, and create a prosperous future for the needy. 於甘肅興建香港中文大學金禧無止橋 Building of CUHK Golden Jubilee Wu Zhi Qiao at Gansu Province 28.4–8.5.2013