Newsletter No. 14

CUHK Newsletter 中 大 通 訊 Vol. 2.1 No. 14 January 1991 University News Forty-first Congregat i on for the Conferment of First Degrees The University held its 41stst congregation at the University Mall on Thursday, 13th December 1990. His Excellency The Governor and Chancellor of the University, Sir David Wilson, conferred bachelor's degrees on 1,353 graduates, including 277 Bachelors of Arts, 271 Bachelors of Business Administration, three Bachelors of Medical Sciences, 86 Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery, 341 Bachelors of Science and 375 Bachelors of Social Science. In the vice-chancellor's speech at the ceremony, Prof. Charles K. Kao s ated that the University had always emphasized research along with good teaching. More than 1,100 projects were undertaken by teachers in various departments in 1989-90 , involving an annual budget of some 40 million dollars. Eight new research institutes/units were also established within the University over the last three years to match the many faceted social developments in Hong Kong. All these institutes are important for Hong Kong's long-term development and will enable the University to attract excellent teachers, research scientists, and research stude nts. A lumni Day 1990 Mo r e than 3,000 alumni of the University and their families took part in the activities of the Alumni Day organized for the first time on campus on Sunday, 2nd December 1990. The function was held to strengthen the bonds between the University and its alumni and to encourage more graduates to support the University's activities. The day's programme began at 2.00 p.m. with a video show at the Sir Run Run Shaw Ha ll about the University's recent developments and future plans. This was followed by an animated cartoon show especially arranged for children. At 3.30 p.m., a football match between the University team and the football team of the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Culture drew all the participants to the University Sports Field. The match was preceded by various entertainment performances, and the presentation of a cheque for $50,000 by Mr. Thomas Cheung, president of the Federation of the Alumni Associations, to Prof. S. W. Tam, pro-vice-chancellor of the University, as a gesture of alumni support for their alma mater. 1