Newsletter No. 17

CUHK Newsletter 中 — 大 — 通 — 訊 Vol. 2-4 No. 17 April 1991 University News Council News M r. Thomas H. C. Cheung has been elected a member of the University Council for a period of three years from 20th March 1991 , in the category ‘not more than four persons, normally resident in Hong Kong, who shall be elected by the Council' . Mr. Cheung, chairman of the Pacific Group and honorary consul for Sri Lanka in Hong Kong, was a graduate of United College and has been a member of the Board of Trustees of United College for many years. He has also been actively involved in the University's alumni activities, serving as president of the University's Federation of Alumni Associations and as chairman of various committees of the federation. M r . Cheung has also made significant contributions to education through his donations to this university for student activities, to the Federation of Alumni Associations for the establishment of a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school, and to the University of Hong Kong for the setting up of a medical research fund. All Wins for CUHK Debaters Following the victory of the University's Mandarin debating team over the National Taiwan University team in a debating contest last February, the Cantonese debating team also beat its Hong Kong University counterpart in the final of the Inter-postsecondary Debate held on 10th March 1991 at the Victoria Park. The Inter-postsecondary Debate is organized annually by Radio Television Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Federation of Students. Twelve postsecondary institutions took part in this year's competition. The motion for the final - There should be representatives from China in the Provisional Airport Authority’ - was disclosed to the contestants six hours before the debate. The CUHK team was speaking against the motion and won by a margin of four to one. That was the team's third victory in the same contest in three years. Two weeks later on 23rd March 1991 at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, another victory was achieved by the University's English debating team in the 20th Intervarsity Debating Contest between HKU and CUHK. The Intervarsity Debating Contest was first instituted in 1972. To enhance the impromptu nature of the contest, the topic was disclosed to the contestants only 60 minutes before the debate and a draw on the motion took place at the same time. Arguing against the motion ‘That LegCo should reject the proposed 200 per cent increase in cigarette tax', the CUHK team won by a margin of three to two and Mr. Thomas Leung on the team was selected best speaker in the contest. 1