Newsletter No. 23

中 I 大 I 通訊 CUHK Newsletter Vol 2-10 No. 23 October 1991 University News Council News Sir Quo-wei Lee has been reappointed by the Chancellor of the U n i v e r s i ty as c h a i r man of the University Council for three years from 24th October 1991 upon the expiration of his current term of office. Dr. Peter Poon Wing-cheung has been renominated by the Chancellor as amember of the University Council for a further period from 1st October 1991 to 19th October 1992. The Council has also reappointed Dr. Poon as chairman of both the Campus Planning and Building Committee and the University Tender Board for a term of three years from 14th December 1991. Sir Quo-wei Lee Dr. Peter Poon Wing-cheung CUH K Won Intervarsit y Rowin g Championshi p The University's men's and women's rowing teams defeated their Hong Kong University counterparts in the fifth intervarsity rowing competition held on 29th September and captured the championship trophies. To promote interest in rowing, a group of students f r om the Hong Kong University and The Chinese University conceived the idea of locally organizing a rowing championship s i m i l ar to the Ox f o r d- Cambridge competition. First held in 1987 , the championship has since become an important annual event between the two universities. The championship entered its fifth year in 1991 and as in previous years, the scene of action was the Shing Mun River near the Hong Kong Amateur Rowing Centre. The main races were the coxed eight 4,0000-metre race for men and the coxed four 1,500-metre race for women. Much to the jubilation of CUHK onlookers, both the University's men's and women's teams won the races and were separately awarded the Shun Hing Cup (men) and the Pocari Cup (women). The victory of the University teams was we ll deserved as it was the result of several months' intensive training under the guidance of professional coaches. I