Newsletter No. 24

中 — 大 — 通 — 訊 CUHK Newsletter Vo l . 2 . 11 No. 24 November 1991 University News The 42nd Congregation The University's 42nd congregation for the conferment of honorary and higher degrees was held at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall on 24th October. HE the Governor and Chancellor of the University, Sir David Wilson, officiated at the ceremony, which was attended by about 1,000 graduates, parents and guests. This year, four distinguished persons were awarded honorary degrees: Dr. Edwin H. C. Tao and Dr. Li Kwoh-ting received the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa; Prof. Zhou Guangzhao, the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa; and Dr. Chiang Chen, the degree of Doctor of Social Science, honoris causa. Their citations were written and delivered by Dr. Y. H. Chou of the Department of English. In an address made on behalf of the honorary graduates, Prof. Zhou Guangzhao traced the development of science and technology in China through the centuries and concluded that ‘Hong Kong, with its prosperous economy and sophisticated culture, has both unique endowments and an imperative moral responsibility to develop science and technology, and to promote the cause of the modernization of China.' The congregation also saw the award of higher degrees to 231 graduates, including two Doctors of Medicine, 11 Doctors of Philosophy, 88 Masters of Philosophy, 29 Masters of Arts, one Master of Divinity, 84 Masters of Business Administration, 14 Masters of Arts (Education) and two Masters of Social Work. Outstanding graduates were separately introduced to the Chancellor and Lady Wilson at a tea reception held after the ceremony at the Benjamin Franklin Centre. 1