Newsletter Special Issue

中大通訊 CUHK Newsletter (Special Issue) 專 號 訃 聞 大學圖書館館長吳培南博士於一九九二年一月十日在威爾斯親王醫院病逝,終年五 十四歲。大學同人深感哀悼。 吳博士一九九零年九月出任大學圖書館館長,在任期間,貢獻良多。他致力改善大 學圖書館服務,推行圖書館系統之電腦化,制訂長遠發展策略,關心圖書館擴建計劃之 進展,並熱心參與籌備本校校外進修部與威斯康辛大學合辦之圖書館與資訊料學碩士課 程。吳博士最近更獲選為香港圖書館協會會長。 吳博士之喪禮定於一月十八日(星期六)上午十時正假崇基學院禮拜堂舉行。吳博士 之遣屬懇請各方友好將花圈代金與賻儀經大學總務處捐贈紀念吳培南博士圖書基金。 一九九二年一月十五日 Obituary The University expresses deep sadness on the passing o f Dr. Painan R. Wu, th e University Librarian, on January 10, 1992 at the Prince of Wales Hospital, at the age of 54 due to illness. Since taking office in September 1990 , Dr. Wu had introduced important improvements to the library services. He supervised the library extension project, implemented the new library computerization system, and formulated plans for the future development of the library. Dr. Wu also assisted i n launching a master's degree programme i n library and information science jointly organized by the Department o f Extramural Studies and the University o f Wisconsin. Recently, he was elected president of the Hong Kong Library Association. The funeral service for Dr. Wu will be held at the Chung Chi College Chapel o n Saturday, January 18, 1992 at 10 a.m. At the request o f Dr. Wu's family, donations in lieu o f flowers will be accepted by The Chinese University (c/o Bursar's Office) for the establishment o f the Dr. Painan R. Wu Memorial Fund for Library Collections. January 15, 1992