Newsletter No. 26

中 — 大 I 通 訊 — CUHK Newsletter Vo l . 3 . 1 No. 26 January 1992 University News Forty-third Congregation for the Conferment of Firs t Degrees The University held its 43rd congregation at the University Ma ll on 12th December 1991。His Excellency the Governor and Chancellor of the University, Sir David Wilson, conferred bachelor's degrees on 1,484 graduates, including 318 Bachelors of Arts, 327 Bachelors of Business Administration, four Bachelors of Medical Sciences, 103 Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery, 351 Bachelors of Science, and 381 Bachelors of Social Science. In an address made on the same occasion, the vice-chancellor gave an account of the University's expansion plans for the next few years, which include the increase in both undergraduate and postgraduate places, the establishment of new departments, the introduction of new programmes, and the building of more facilities on the campus. To maintain the high standard of the University in the face of rapid expansion, Prof. Charles K. Kao stressed the importance of research, staff development programmes, and international academic exchange. He pointed out that several new institutes dedicated to cross-cultural, multi-discipline and applied research had recently been set up at the University to provide reinforcement for the research efforts of faculty members, and a new Office of Academic Links was established to promote exchange activities and linkages with tertiary institutions worldwide. All these new development plans and measures would, according to the vice-chancellor, enable the University to contribute more effectively to society and to attain its educational goal of integrating Chinese and Western cultures. I