Newsletter No. 38

中 — 大 — 通 — 訊 CUHK Newsletter Vol.4.l No. 38 January 1993 University News To Lead, I n n o v a t e , and Serve 30th Anniversary Celebrations Begin This Month ‘To lead, innovate, and serve' has been adopted as the University's anniversary slogan and incorporated in the design of the 30th anniversary logo. The new design will be printed in purple or purple with gold stamping for the feng (phoenix) on all publicity materials related to 30th anniversary celebration programmes. Celebration activities will begin this month and the following are highlights for January: • Walkathon to raise funds for the Hong Kong Cancer Institute, CUHK Date: Sunday, 17th January Time: 9.00 a.m. Place: From Lingnan Stadium on the Chung Chi campus to the Sha Tin Central Park • 30th Anniversary Lecture: Dementia, Aging and Amyloidosis Speaker: Dr. D. Carleton Gajdusek 一 Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine; virologist of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, USA. Date: Tuesday, 19th January Time: 4.30 p.m. Place: Sir Run Run Shaw Hall Organizer: Faculty of Medicine • International Conference on Nuo Theatre and Nuo Culture Date: 27th to 29th January Place: Cho Yiu Conference Hall Organizer: Department of Music Forty-fifth Congregation for the Conferment of First Degrees The University held its 45th congregation at the University Mall on 10th December 1992. His Excellency the Governor and Chancellor of the University, the Rt. Hon. Christoper Patten, conferred bachelor's degrees on 1,618 graduates: 297 Bachelors of Arts, 327 Bachelors of Business Administration, 39 Bachelors of Education, 91 Bachelors of Engineering, four Bachelors of Medical Sciences, 128 Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery, 1