Newsletter No. 49

中大通訊 CUHK Newsletter V o l . 4‧12 No. 49 December 1993 , 93 Open Day Some 60,000 members of the public were attracted to the campus on 20th and 21st November when the University held its triennial open day. The t wo - d ay f u n c t i o n was organized by the Organizing Committee of the 1993 CU Open Day with full support f r om the University's four constituent colleges. A f t e r a t r ad i t i onal l i on 's dance, the official opening ceremony began at 3.00 p.m. on 20th November at the podium of the Science Centre. Officiating guests included Mr. David W. K. Sin, member of the University Council; P r o f . Ch a r l es K . K a o, v i c e- chance l l o r; Prof. S. W. Tam, pro-vice-chancellor; the Hon. Eric L i Ka-cheung, chairman of the C o mm i s s i on f o r Y o u t h ; D r . Deanna Lee R u d g a r d , e x e c u t i v e s e c r e t a ry o f the L ee H y s an Foundation; and Miss Ho Kit-man, c h a i r l a dy o f the O r g a n i z i ng Committee of the 1993 CU Open Day. After an opening address by the vice-chancellor and a speech by the Hon. Eric L i, prizes for the Open Day Essay Competition and the 30th Anniversary Photography Competition were presented to winners by Mr. David Sin, and 30th Anniversary Scholarships were awarded to 14 outstanding students by Dr. Deanna Lee Rudgard. Open day a c t i v i t i es were largely centred around the University Mall, where departmental societies and interest groups put up exhibitions on various themes and p e r f o rmed i n t e r es t i ng experiments for visitors. There were counters to sell books published by the University Press and other souvenir items. There were also p u b l ic lectures, video shows, games, and food stalls to sell snacks like Japanese sushi. Many buildings around the Ma l l and many student hostels 1