Newsletter No. 61

Vol. 5•12 No.61 December 1994 2,807 DEGREES CONFERRED AT THE 48TH CONGREGATION For the first time in 10 years, the University combined the congregation for the conferment of honorary and higher degrees with that for the conferment of first degrees. A total of 2,807 degrees were conferred this year by the Rt. Hon. Christopher Patten, Chancellor of the University, at the 48th congregation. The ceremony took place on the morning of 1st December at the University Mall. The longest procession in 31 years, consisting of 143 faculty and staff, was marshalled that morning. The four recipients of honorary degrees this year are Sir Eric Ash, Prof. Tang Auchin (in absentia), Mr. David Sin Wai-kin and Dr. Peter Woo Kwong-ching. Their citations were written and delivered by Mr. T.L. Tsim. Among the 364 graduates who crossed the stage to receive higher degrees was Prof. Leung Ping-chung, professor of orthopaedics and traumatology. He was the first person to be awarded the degree of Doctor of Science by the University. The territory's first doctoral degree in accountancy was also awarded on the same occasion. First degree graduates, 2,439 in all, received their degrees from theChancellor en bloc, by degree, under the stage. In the afternoon the four constituent colleges and the Part-time Degree Programmes organized graduation ceremonies and tea receptions for their respective graduates. NO.61 DECEMBER 1994 1