Newsletter No. 63

Kno wth e University' s Administrativ e Structur e Unde r th e 'Decentralized ' Mod e Administrative Structure o f the University (Effective since September 1994) Under th e decentralized mode o f operation, the University's administrative responsibilities ar e placed i n th e functional units. The organizational chart below outlines those heads of functional units who are directly responsible to the vice-chancellor (or a pro-vice-chancellor as hi s deputy) fo r th e effective an d efficient operation o f their respective units. These unit heads ar e th e chief executive officers and budget holders i n their own units, and have been given the necessary authority for discharging their responsibilities and duties. They are then accountable to the University through the vice-chancellor fo r their decisions an d actions. The pro-vice-chancellors ar e appointed b y th e Council after consultation with th e vice-chancellor. They shall carry out all the functions and duties o f the vice-chancellor i n th e absence o f (or deputizing for) the vice- chancellor, except that they ma y no t confer degrees. As deputies t o the vice-chancellor, the pro-vice-chancellors provide policy coordination, guidance in administration and overall supervision o f those functional units assigned to them by the vice-chancellor without exercising executive roles/responsibilities i n their day-to-day operation. The vice-chancellor i s th e chief academic and administrative officer ofthe University and is statutorily empowered and entrusted with the right and duty to advise th e Council (th e supreme governing and executive body o f the University) o n any matter affecting the policy, finance, and administration of the University. Under the chairmanship of the vice- chancellor, the Senate is given statutory powers and duties i n respect o f any and all academic matters in the University. I t may also establish such committees as i t thinks f i t an d may, subject t o such conditions as it may impose, delegate any of its powers and duties t o any board o r committee or officer. The various administrative functions of th e University ar e established according t o need and may be modified from time t o time, fo r the purpose o f facilitating and supporting the effective and efficient discharge o f the academic and educational functions o f th e University.