Newsletter No. 64

CUHK to Collaborate wi th UK Universities on Six Research Projects T h e UK/H K Join t Researc h Schem e was establishe d i n 199 1 b y th e Britis h Council and the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong to promote cooperation in research betwee n institution s o f highe r education i n th e U K an d Hon g Kong . This year, six research projects proposed by teachin g member s o f th e Universit y have been selected for funding under the scheme. They are : • Th e Transition to Uncertainty ... . The Effects o f th e Retur n t o th e PRC o n Personal Relationships in Hong Kong' • Researcher: Dr . Catherin e S . K . Tang, Department of Psycholog y • Partner Institution: Universit y o f Bristol • Grant: £6,32 0 • 'Clonin g an d Analysi s o f th e Promoters o f Huma n Glycoge n Synthase Kinas e 3 α and 3 β (GSK-3 α and 3 β) Encoding Genes ' • Researcher, Dr . P . C . Shaw , Department o f Biochemistr y • Partner Institution: Universit y o f London • Grant: £6,355.9 3 • 'Evaluatio n an d Characterizatio n o f the Antioxidan t Potentia l o f Edibl e Mushrooms an d Mushroom Product s for Us e i n Dietar y Repressio n o f Cellular Sensitivit y t o Ionisin g Radiation an d t o Oxidativ e DN A Damage' • Researcher: Dr . J . A . Buswell , Department o f Biology • Partner Institution: Universit y o f Ulster • Grant: £5,542.3 7 • 'Interaction s betwee n Autonomi c Signal Transductio n Pathway s i n Epithelial Cells ' • Researcher: Dr . K o Win g Hung , Department o f Physiology • Partner Institution: Universit y o f Glasgow • Grant: £6291.5 3 • 'Embryoni c Developmen t of the Birth Defect Sacra l Agenesis' • Researcher. Dr. Alisa S . W. Shum , Department o f Anatomy • Partner Institution: Universit y o f London • Grant: £5,706.1 0 • 'Physic s o f Quantum Dots' • Researcher. Dr . Hu i Pa k Ming , Department o f Physics • Partner Institution: Universit y o f Oxford • Grant: £4,808.9 8 Miracles of the Inward-probing Telescope P r o f . Sydne y S. C. Chung, professor of surgery, delivere d hi s professoria l inaugural lectur e entitle d Throug h th e Looking Glass ' o n 6t h Januar y i n th e lecture theatr e o f th e Princ e o f Wale s Hospital. In hi s lecture , Prof. Chung gave an account o f th e lates t development s i n endoscopic surgery for the treatment of a wide rang e o f disease s tha t previousl y required major operations. He explained in particula r ho w laparoscopi c cholecystectomy — a branc h o f endoscopic surger y involving the use of a telescope and other instruments inserted through the umbilicus an d tiny punctur e sites i n th e abdomen — ca n be applied to appendectomy , splenectomy , oesophagectom and colon resection. According to Prof . Chung , laparoscopi c cholecystecto is also rapidly replacing open surgery i n th e treatmen t o f gal l bladde r stones becaus e i t entail s les s postoperative pain and scarring and a shorter hospital stay. World-Renowned Mathematician Gives Lecture S i r Michae l Atiyah , hea d o f th e New Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematica l Sciences a t Cambridge University , gave a lecture on The Algebra, Geometry and Physics of Spinoss ' a t the University o n 5th January. Among th e audienc e wer e Prof . Charles Kao , vice-chancello r o f th e University, a s well a s Prof. C . N. Yan g and Prof. Yau Shing-tung, co-directors of the University's Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Sir Michae l i s also the president o f the Royal Society in the UK and has been active i n fosterin g academi c exchang e with institutions in Hong Kong and China. SCHOOL Of CONTINUING STUDIES TO OFFER CHINESEMEDICINECOURSES Pioneering programme s i n traditiona l Chinese medicine will be offered by the CUHK Schoo l o f Continuing Studies i n collaboration wit h the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of China's top four colleges in the field. The course s wil l provid e forma l training fo r potentia l practitioner s o f Chinese medicin e wit h a n ai m t o enhancing th e overal l professiona l standard an d qualit y o f servic e amon g such practitioner s i n Hon g Kong . Th e first course , wit h it s focu s o n practica l knowledge an d skill s i n Chines e medicine, will begi n i n Marc h 1995 ; a two- year certificat e cours e wil l the n follo w in Septembe r 1995 . The y wil l bot h be conducted b y experience d instructor s from the Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A working party on Chinese medicine has alread y bee n se t u p t o provid e coordination fo r th e ne w courses , an d both loca l an d oversea s expert s hav e agreed t o serv e a s consultant s t o th e project. Chung Chi Receives Siu-lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow for 1994-95 P r o f . Zhan g Kaiyuan , directo r o f th e Centre for Historical Research on China Christian Colleges at Huazhong Normal University i n Wuhan, visited Chung Chi College a s Siu-lien Ling Wong Visitin g Fellow 1994-9 5 fro m 15t h t o 27t h January. During hi s visit , Prof . Zhan g delivered a n ope n lectur e entitle d 'Tracings i n History ' i n th e colleg e chapel, and participated i n the college's annual educatio n conference , wher e h e and fou r othe r gues t speaker s gav e addresses on the theme The Intelligentsia and th e Chines e Society' . Ove r 10 0 guests, staff , an d student s attende d th e conference. Born in Zhejiang in 1926, Prof. Zhang completed his undergraduate studies at the University o f Nanking an d his graduat e studies a t th e Schoo l o f Educatio n o f Zhongyuan University . H e joine d Huazhong Normal University as lecturer in 1951. An accomplished historian, Prof. Zhang ha s serve d a s guest lecture r an d visiting research fellow i n many reputed universities i n th e United States , Japan, and Taiwan.