Newsletter No. 71

CUHK Forges ahead i nApplied Research F o u r projects b y researchers a t th e University have won a total o f HK$15 million i n government funds under th e Industry Department's Additional Funding fo r Industrial Support Scheme 1995-96. The coordinators o f the projects are Dr. Walter Ho (Biochemistry), Dr. Irwin King (Computer Science), Dr . Cheung Kwok-wai (Information Engineering), and Dr. Paul But (Biology). Each lasting two t o three years, the projects include the application o f new technologies fo r coronary heart disease diagnosis, quality control fo r Chinese medicines and health foods, electronic news media, and image retrieval computer system for the fashion industry. Launched last year t o enhance th e competitiveness o f local industries, th e scheme supports projects expected t o contribute significantly t o Hong Kong's overall industrial an d technological development. VC Searc hUnde r Wa y I n January this year, th e University announced both locally an d overseas Vice-Chancellor Charles K . Kao's expected retirement i n July 1996, and invited applications and nominations of candidates for the vice-chancellorship. As o f the end o f April 1995, a total o f 3 0 applications an d nominations were received by the Search Committee. These include candidates from Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, North America and Europe. Having reviewed the applications and nominations, the Search Committee i s approaching about 10 candidates fo r further information. A Summer of Piano Mus i c Ya l e 's 'International Summer Piano Institute', launched five years ago to offer professional-level piano training fo r young musicians i n North America and Europe, will move t o Hong Kong later this month and ru n fo r three weeks starting 18th June on CUHK campus. Eleven bright Asian pianists from Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, China, and Japan have been selected through highly competitive auditioning to participate in the training. They will be given private lessons by four world-class pianists: Boris Berman (Israel), Peter Frankl (England), Claude Frank (USA), and Michael Friedmann (USA). The four masters, together with other faculty members of the Yale School of Music and the Music Department o f CUHK, will also give recitals, master classes, and seminars and lectures o n topics ranging from piano music o f the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries to Western and Asian piano repertoires. The programme provides a rare opportunity fo r young, talented pianists in Asia to improve their technical skills, deepen their understanding o f piano music, and broaden the intellectual and musical basis of their interpretation. I t is also a platform fo r exchange o f ideas among musicians, and represents another joint venture b y Yale and CUHK t o promote th e interflow o f Eastern an d Western cultures. With Dr. Daniel Law o f the Music Department being appointed as assistant director of the programme, The Chinese University will be providing administrative support fo r the project, as well as teaching, lodging, and library facilities. The project is made possible by a generous donation from the Hui Yeung Shing Foundation. Experts Put Heads Together over Management o f You t h Spo r t Sport officials and sport scientists from Belgium, Canada, South Africa, and seven Asian-Pacific regions (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand) came to the University for an international symposium o n 'Th e Management o f Youth Sport: Strategies for Asia' from 11th to 13th May. The delegates outlined th e sport needs among youth i n their countries, exchanged views with their counterparts in Hong Kong on how to promote youth participation i n sport, examined th e management o f youth sport development programmes, and evaluated th e efficiency of current programmes in East Asia, especially i n China and Hong Kong. Ms. Rosanna Wong Yick- ming, executive director o f the Hong Kong Federation o f Youth Groups, was the keynote speaker at the symposium. I n her speech entitled 'Youth Lifestyle Trends in Hong Kong', Ms . Wong highlighted th e consequences o f th e unhealthy lifestyles o f the Hong Kong youth an d suggested ways fo r improvement. The symposium wa s j o i n t ly organized by the University's Department of Sports Science and Physical Education and the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, with significant support from leading institutes o f sports science i n some major Chinese cities. Women and Health: Voices o fConcern The 1995 gender role workshop 'Women and Health' took place on 20th May i n Lecture Theatre 2 of the Sino Building. Jointly organized b y th e Gender Research Programme of the Hong Kong Institute o f Asia-Pacific Studies an d Chung Chi College, the workshop aimed at initiating conversation o n women's health issues between government policymakers, academics, medical and nursing professionals, women's groups, and th e general public. Four guest speakers spoke on related topics: Ms. Kwok Yuk-mei, representative from a grassroots women's group, o n women's health needs; Dr. Cynthia Chan, lecturer a t CUHK, o n Hong Kong women's state of health; Dr. Winnie Tang of the Health Department, o n current health services for women in Hong Kong; and Dr. Leung Tung-yeung, a medical officer, o n th e 'Well Women's Clinic' project a t Kwong Wah Hospital, with particular emphasis on the screening for breast, ovary, and cervical carcinoma. New As ia Col lege Celebrates Ch'ien MU Centenary N e w Asia College held a series o f activities to commemorate the centenary of its founder, Mr. Ch'ien Mu. Apart from a two-week exhibition o f Mr. Ch'ien's writings, calligraphy and paintings at the Hui Gallery from 8th to 19th May, a three- day academic conference was held in Cho Yiu Conference Hall from 11th t o 13t h May. I t was attended by over 40 scholars from mainland China, Taiwan, USA , Japan, Australia, and Macau, as well Mrs. Ch'ien, their three children, and some local participants. On th e evenings o f 11th and 14t h May, tw o public lectures featuring speakers from China, USA, an d th e University were held a t th e Science Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui East. For students and the general public, there wa s also a n essay competition sponsored b y Mr. H.C. Tang, chairman of th e Ne w Asia College Board o f Trustees, and the Cultural Foundation o f the United Daily News Group of Taiwan.