Newsletter No. 77

2 No. 77 4th November 1995 CUHK Newsletter TASKS AHEAD of THE RESTRUCTURED CSC/ITSU From the Director of Computer Services Centre/Information Technology Service Unit The Computer Services Centre and the Information Management Unit were reorganized into two major units in May 1995: the Computer Services Centre (CSC) and the Information Technology Service Unit (ITSU). The CSC consists of a User Services Section 'headed by Mr, Thomas Tsui, a Systems Programming and Operations Section headed by Mr. NelsonNgan, and an Administrative Support Section headed by Mr. T. L. Chan, The centre operates its multitude o f computer platforms on a 24-hour basis to ensure that the machines and software are effectively serving the University computing community at all times. The User Services Section provides not only technical services to students and staff, It also holds seminars, consultation, and training sessions t o familiarize users with the computing facilities on campus. The ITSU on the other hand comprises a Microcomputer Application Support Section (MCAS) headed b y Mr. Philip Leung, a Data Communications and Networking Section (DCNS) headed by Mr. C, H, Cheng, and an Information Management Unit (IMU) headed by Mr. Aaron Li. These sections provide services to the different units of the University, mostly on a project basis. At any time of the academic year, they have around 20 to 30 projects of varying scope and stages of completion on hand. The MCAS works closely with the academic departments to help them develop computer systems tailored to their specific needs. The DCNS is i n charge of the campus backbone network, which is the main vehicle by which the local area networks of the University communicate with one another as well as with other institutions in Hong Kong and overseas. Plans are also being made to improve information access i n academic offices and dormitory rooms. Incidentally, the University was the first institution in Hong Kong to install Internet services and the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX), a service which eliminates the necessity for local messages to be sent overseas before being relayed back to Hong Kong. The I MU is responsible for developing and maintaining large scale computer systems for administrative units as well as doing regular production runs. It also entertains thousands of ad hoc requests every year for specific changes t o existing systems. To improve efficiency and the quality of its services, several major changes are in the pipeline. There are plans to decommission the two existing mainframes, the I BM 4381 and the I BM 9121, in the coming year. The rapid shift from platform to client-server workstations i n recent years has prompted new ways of developing administrative application systems: the replacement of the DOBIS systemby the INNOPAC system in the University Library, and the replacement of the existing financial accounts system in the bursary by one to be purchased from a vendor. In line with the idea of stepping up services, the CSC is helping University administrators to streamline their present systems to make them more user- friendly, and to achieve the integration of various administrative systems to allow for an interdepartmental flow o f information via the campus network. The vice-chancellor has taken a personal interest i n these endeavours, and computers and communication networks are continually being upgraded. While the development of major administrative systems is underway, the CSC plans to acquire a high performance supercomputer to replace the two I BM mainframes. The campus backbone network will also be upgraded in terms of speed and accessibility while new services will be provided by the User Services Section. The MCAS w i ll continue to develop new multi-media and PC based applications. Colleagues in the Systems Programming and Operations Section will install the new system software and ensure that at CUHK computers run i n tip-top condition around the clock. Stanislaus Hu New Books Chinese University Press The Epididymis as a Chloride-secreting Organ Written by Anskar Y. H. Leung, this book is a synopsis of some of the research findings on the stimulus- secretion coupling mechanism in the rat and human epididymis. Recent advances in technology have given rise to insights into epididymal function at the cellular and molecular level. It is now known that the epididymis, an organ significant to male fertility, responds to a wide spectrum of stimuli by increasing electrolytes and fluid secretion. This in turn causes the apical membrane of the epithelial cells to increase its permeability to chloride. Recent data show that defective chloride secretion in the epithelium leads to obstructive azoospermia. It is hoped that studies on the cellular function of the reproductive tract can lead to a better understanding of human fertility and future development of male anti-fertility agents. 188 pages, paperback, HK$250, sold at a 20 per cent discount to staff at the University Bookshop. HKIAPS Gender and Society in Hong Kong: A Statistical Profile Compiled by Robert Westwood, Toni Mehrain and Fanny Cheung, this monograph presents an extensive range of tabulated data relating to women and gender studies. It brings together relevant data from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department and other government and non-government sources, provides a statistical overview of gender in Hong Kong as apparent in extant published material, and delineates deficiencies in such material. The exercise raises questions about institutional collection, analyses and dissemination of statistics which are sometimes marked by particular biases which may reflect and perpetuate differential gender structures and ideologies in society. HKIAPS Research Monograph No. 23 159 + viii pages, paperback, HK$80 Biochemistr y Receive s Industr y Gran t The University's Biochemistry Department has been awarded a grant ofHK$762,800 under the government's Industrial Support Fund to carry out a research project entitled 'Expression of Recombinant Proteins in Baculovirns and the Application of Recombinant Fish Growth Hormone in Fish Culture'. Dr. Walter K.K. Ho is the principal researcher of the project. Servic e t oth eCommunit y an d International Organizations • Prof. C.K. Wong of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was presented The Outstanding Paper Award' by the Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in October 1995. • Dr. Tsao Poon-yee, senior lecturer in music, has been reappointed by the Urban Council as an adviser for the Hong Kong Museum of History for one year from 1st October 1995. • Dr. Ng Lun Ngai-ha, reader in history, has been reappointed by HE the Governor as a member of the Hong Kong War Memorial Pensions Advisory Committee for one year from 1st September 1995. Dr. Ng has also been invited by the Urban Council to serve as an honorary adviser for the Museum of History for one year from 1st October 1995. • Mrs. Chee Yuet-oi, lecturer in nursing, has since 1994 been serving as the honorary secretary of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association, an organization initiated by the United Nations Children's Fund. Mrs. Chee is one of the 15 International Board Certified Lactation Consultants in Hong Kong. She has recently started the first breastfeeding clinic in Hong Kong at the Prince of Wales Hospital with Dr. Sophie Leung of the Paediatrics Department. (All information in this section is provided by the Information and Public Relations Office. Contributions should be sent direct to that office for registration and verification before publication.)