Newsletter No. 90

Professor of Finance Explains Dynamics of Institutions in East Asia What institutions in East Asia an d Europe ar e conducive to growth and development? Prof. Leslie Young, professor of finance, explored this thorny issue i n hi s professorial inaugural lecture delivered on 17th May a t th e Wong Fo o Yuan Building. Entitled 'East Asian Development an d th e Dynamics o f Institutions', the lecture began with a description of the diversity and dynamism of institutions in Europe and East Asia. Prof. Young pointed ou t that Europe's geography favours diversity and change, and hence its key literary, political, and religious institutions have developed characteristics which 'institutionalize' diversity and change. Th e traditional agrarian economy and geography of East Asia, o n th e other hand, have bred institutions that foster uniformity an d stability. According to Prof. Young, the impact of th e West ha s stimulated rapid institutional change and diversification i n Asia, and th e Pacific i s witnessing a synthesis o f Western an d Eastern institutions. 'Asian countries can enjoy both the informational advantages o f a pluralist society i n policy formation and the administrative advantages o f authoritarian governments i n policy execution,' he concluded. Conference to Analyse 1995 Legislative Council E l e c t i o n s Over 15 experts and academics studying Hong Kong's electoral development gathered o n C U campus last month t o attend an investigative conference on the 1995 Legislative Council Elections. Organized b y HKIAPS' Political Development o f Hong Kong Research Programme, the conference was held i n both Cantonese and English on 17th and 18th May at the Cho Yiu Conference Hall and comprised si x sessions. Fourteen papers were presented covering topics like political participation, political culture, exit poll, party identification, and the China factor. A d m i s s i o n G u i d a n c e f o r JUPAS Applicants The Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) is , fo r th e first time, permitting students t o re - prioritize their 20 programme choices after their Advanced Level Examination results are released. To help students apply for admission via th e JUPAS, th e University held admission talks o n it s 3 9 full-time undergraduate programmes on 25 th May. They were given thorough briefings on the entry requirements, course structures, and career prospects, and were encouraged to clarify any doubts they had. Deputy Registrar o f the University Mr . S. W . Lee pointed out that students who wish to change their choices have t o take into account no t only their own performance in th e examinations bu t also their interests an d aptitude, an d th e different entry requirements o f the programmes. CUH KHost sInternationa l Conferenceon Special Education The CUHK Department o f Educational Psychology, in association with the Hong Kong Institute o f Educational Research, organized an international conference on special education on 10th and 11th May on the University campus. The theme o f the conference was 'Helping Students with Learning Difficulties'. There were also two conference workshops on 9th and 12th May. Dr. Leslie N. K. Lo, dean of education, delivered the opening address, and Mrs. Ruth Lau. Principal Inspector o f Special Education Services from th e Education Department, gave a lecture entitled 'Making Special Education Ordinary fo r Pupils with Learning Difficulties in Hong Kong'. The conference was attended by experts from the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, who discussed the latest developments an d current practices related to learning difficulties. Ame r i can Execut i ves Come t o Ho ng Ko ng f o rClues t o Mee t t he Asia-Paci f ic Chal lenge For th e eighth time since 198 9 executive MBA students o f the University o f Pittsburgh, USA , came to The Chinese University to participate i n a series o f seminars and visits organized b y the Asia- Pacific Institute o f Business (APIB). The programme lasted for four days from 15th to 18th April and aimed to provide participants with useful exposure t o th e various aspects o f business and management practices in Hong Kong and China. Faculty members o f th e University and local business practitioners made presentations, various business issues were discussed, and visits to the Airport Authority and the Chek Lap Kok airport site were arranged. Feedback from the 39 participants was very positive, an d th e University o f Pittsburgh i s keen t o conduct the programme in Hong Kong again next year. President o fthe Architectural Society o fChina Visits CU Staff of the Department of Architecture explaining their projects to Mr. Ye Rutang (right 2) and Mr. Liu Xunfan (right 3) Mr. Y e Rutang, executive vice- minister o f the Ministry o f Construction (MOC) o f China an d president o f th e Architectural Society o f China, visited the University's Department o f Architecture in May. He was accompanied by Mr. Liu Xunfan, president of the Building Design Institute o f th e MOC. They toured th e computer laboratory and th e virtual reality studio o f th e department an d expressed great interest i n many projects undertaken b y staff and students, especially those related to China.