Newsletter No. 93

12 Receive Major Staff Development Grants in 1995—96 T he University administers a variety of programmes that offer fellowships, scholarships and grants for teaching and administrative staff to conduct research, pursue further studies in local or overseas institutions, or broaden their experience through participation in conferences and publication projects. The following is a summary of the major grants for staff development in 1995-96: Freemasons' Fund for East Asian Studies Awardee: Prof. Alfreda Stadlin, associate professor, Dept. of Anatomy Programme: To publish a bilingual book Drug Abuse— Psychosocial and Biological Impact Period: January and February 1997 Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholars Programme Awardee: Prof. So Kee-long, Billy, associate professor, Dept. of History Programme: To conduct a research project on The Rule of Law in the Chinese Context: Jurisprudence, Legislations, and Legal Practices in the Criminal Justice System of Sung China' at Harvard University Period: 1 st August 1996-31st May 1997 Japan Foundation Fellowship Programme Awardee: Prof. Ho Puay-peng, associate professor, Dept. of Architecture Programme: To conduct a research project on 'Architectural Exchanges: Buddhist Monasteries in Japan and Their Mainland Prototypes' at the University of Kyoto Period: 3rd June - 15th August 1996 C. Y. Kwan Endowment Fund for Staff Development Awardee: Mrs. Erlinda Boyle, senior instructor, English Language Teaching Unit Programme: To pursue doctoral studies at Oxford Brookes University, UK Period: 10th June —16th August 1996 Awardee: Ms. Ma Kuen-fong, Beatrice, senior instructor, English Language Teaching Unit Programme: To pursue part-time D.Phil. studies at the University of York, UK Period. 1 st October — 14th December 1996 Awardee: Prof. Ma Lai-chong, Joyce, associate professor, Dept. of Social Work Programme: To attend a course in family therapy at the Minuchin Center for the Family in New York Period: 12th — 23rd August 1996 Awardee: Prof. Waye Miu-yee, Mary, associate professor, Dept. of Biochemistry Programme: To attend acourse on Molecular Embryology and Transgenic Technology (METT) at the University of Hong Kong Period: 24th November — 15th December 1996 LeeHysanFoundationEndowmentFundforStaffDevelopment Awardee: Prof. Chow Hau-siu, Irene, professor, Dept. of Management Programme: To attend the 1995-96 International Teachers Programme at London Business School Period: 4th —14th January 1996 and 7th — 17th July 1996 Awardee: Ms. Lesley Garratt, instructor I, English Language Teaching Unit Programme: To pursue part-time M.Phil./Ph.D. studies at the University of Lancaster, UK Period: 8th January - 22nd April 1997 Awardee: Mrs. Lai Chan Sau-hing, senior instructor, English Language Teaching Unit Programme: To continue with doctoral studies at Macquarie University, Australia Period: 8th January — 31st May 1996 Awardee: Mr. Lau Wing-chung, instructor I, Dept. of Sports Science and Physical Education Programme: To continue with doctoral studies at the University of Exeter, UK Period: 20th September 1995 -31st August 1996 Awardee: Prof. Sandy Luk, assistant professor, Dept. of Biochemistry Programme: To attend a course on Advanced Drosophila Genetics at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York Period: 30th July — 15th August 1996 MBA PROGRAMMES CELEBRATE 30TH ANNIV LI & FUNG LECTURER ATTRACTS A FULL HOUSE A 330-strong audience attended this year's Li & Fung Lecture organized by the MBA Programmes as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. Prof. Warren McFarlan, Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University, spoke on 'Information Technology Enabled Transformations in Distribution and Infrastructure for the 21 st Century' on. 2nd September at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. A renowned expert in management information systems, Prof. McFarlan's current research focus is the organization of information services strategy and its linkage to corporate strategy. He has taught at Harvard, his alma mater, since 1963 and is currently the senior associate dean of external relations. CUHK Establishes Foundation for Better Vision T here is hope now for people with serious sight impairments in Hong Kong. A Tight for Sight Foundation' was recently established by the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University to develop and provide better eyecare programmes for the community. A sight-screening project carried out by the department showed that over 20 per cent of the pre-schoolers surveyed suffer from sight problems such as astigmatism, mypopia (short- sightedness), hyperopia (long- sightedness), and lazy eye. The most striking finding is the high prevalence of astigmatism. If uncorrected, significant astigmatism can cause short-sightedness and lazy eye, while delayed treatment for squint and lazy eye can cause irreversible vision loss. The foundation will strive to improve the standards of clinical eyecare, launch community outreach programmes, develop new drugs and modes of therapy, and provide arehabilitation centre for the visually handicapped. A series of activities have been planned to raise funds for these projects.