Newsletter No. 96

Professor of Surgery Outlines History of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery P rof. Walter W. K. King, professor of surgery (head, neck and reconstructive surgery), delivered his professorial inaugural lecture entitled 'Head and Neck —Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Past, Present and Future' on 26th September at the Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital. Prof. King outlined the 5,000-year history of plastic surgery and discussed its practice in the territory over the past 40 years. Under the auspices of the Academy of Medicine and the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong, the skill has been formally organized into asurgical speciality complete with training programmes i n approved centres at several major local hospitals. In the course of the lecture Prof. King pointed out that increasing use of three- dimensional computerized imaging and reconstruction has facilitated the planning of facial surgery, prediction of surgical outcome, and evaluation of result. He explained how new bone implants, better skin and tissue substitutes, and advances in immunotherapy or immunosurgery allow more use of skin, limb and bone allografts to rebuild parts of the body, and how progress in minimal invasive plastic surgery or endoscopic plastic surgery improves the aesthetic results of many head, neck, facial and breast surgeries — all of which benefit the patients tremendously both physically and psychologically. EXECUTIV E FORU M ONMB A EDUCATIO N TOCELEBRAT E 30T H ANNIVERSAR Y OF CUMB A A s a part o f 30th anniversary celebrations of the University's MBA programmes, an Executive Forum on MBA Education was held on 12th October at the Sino Building. It was jointly organized with the Hong Kong Institute o f Human Resource Management. The purpose of the forum was t o familiarize participants — mostly chief executive officers and human resource managers of local organizations—with the MBA Programmes at the University, and to give them aglimpse of the life of an MBA student in CUHK. Their input was also sought i n the University's quest for improvement in the curriculum of the programmes. Prof. Arthur K. C. Li, vice-chancellor, officiated at the opening ceremony and gave a welcoming address. With 'Developing Managers for the 21 st Century' as its theme, the function comprised three sections 一 a management seminar in which Dr. Charles Steilen of the Department of Marketing delivered atalk on 'Marketing: The Driving Force for the 21st Century'; an executive development workshop led by Mr. Shaun Smith of Forum Asia Ltd. and entitled 'Creating Corporate Value'; and a CEO seminar with Dr. Gordon Wu of Hopewell Holdings Ltd. as guest speaker, who spoke on The Debt Question in Business'. The forum was attended by close to 100 guests, students, faculty and members of the press. HK$1. 5 Millio n fo rFou r Researc h Project s F our CUHK research projects recently received financial support from local funding bodies: The Go! Sport Programme: A Three-Year Performance Review Researchers: Prof. James J. Shuttleworth, Dr. Amy S. C. Ha, Mr. Daniel W. K. Chan Amount awarded: HK$90,000 Sponsor: The Hong Kong Sports Development Board Postnatal Depression in Hong Kong Chinese Researchers: Prof. Tony K. H. Chung, Prof. Dominic T. S. Lee, Mr. Leung Yip- shing, Mr. Ng Kee-on, Prof. Wong Chung-kwong Amount awarded: HK$773,284 Sponsor. The Health Services Research Fund Study of Hong Kong Children's Dietary and Physical Activity Behaviours Researchers: Prof. David P. Johns, Dr. Amy S. C. Ha Amount awarded: HK$56,810 Sponsor: The Health Services Research Fund Ulcerative Keratitis and Contact Lens Related Infection in Hong Kong Researchers: Prof. Elizabeth T. S. Houang, Prof. Dennis S. C. Lam, Prof. Mark O. M. Tso, Prof. Augustine F. B. Cheng, Dr. Donald J. Lyon Amount awarded: HK$588,500 Sponsor: The Health Services Research Fund Orientation Day for S i x th Formers Sixth-formers visit stalls lining the University Mall on the orientation day T o give sixth formers a better understanding of tertiary education and a glimpse o f university life, the University organized an orientation day on 12th October to introduce the full range of programmes on offer and give information on application procedures. V i ce -Chance l l or Prof. Arthur K. C. Li and University Registrar Prof. Richard Ho talked t o the participating students, parents, and teachers about th e Un i v e r s i t y 's developments and academic programmes, while Mr. Eddy Yeung, senior assistant registrar, spoke o n th e admission process. Th e Un i v e r s i t y 's teaching and research facilities were also open to the visitors on that day. There were exhibitions, video shows, counselling sessions, and tours to the colleges and hostels. Teaching staff and students of the University were on hand t o share their experience and offer advice.