Newsletter No. 111

Fou r More CUHK Research Projects Rated Excel lent I n the recent assessment exercise conducted by the Research Grants Council on research projects completed by the seven UGC-funded tertiary institutions in the second half of 1996, ten were rated 'excellent'. Among the ten are the following four projects undertaken by CUHK staff members: • Marital Adjustment, Parent-Child Relations and the Psychological Well-being of Midlife Carried Adults in Hong Kong Researcher: Prof. Daniel T.L. Shek, Department of Social Work • Reading Comprehension In Chinese Researcher: Prof. Chen Hsuan Chih, Department of Psychology • Studies of Structure, D ynamics and Kinetics of Polyelectrolyte Gel Researcher: Prof. Wu Chi, Department of Chemistry • A Pilot Study of a Computerized Database of the Excavated Wood/Bamboo andSilkScripts of China Researchers: Prof. Jao Tsung-I and Dr. Chen Fong Ching, Institute of Chinese Studies To date, the University lays claim to 19 'excellent' projects among the 42 so rated by the RGC. An Exciting Summer for CUHK Students • Nursing Students Win Debate Undergraduates from the pre-registration Bachelor ofNursing Programme won a debate against students from the University of Hong Kong (June 1997). Their strategic thinking and debating skills were commended by the panel ofjudges. • First Step Towards Knowing China Some 175 CUHK students departed for Beijing for a month of education and training under the China Career Development Award Programme (July 1997). • Accountancy Students Produce Outstanding Research Project A project undertaken by five second-year students from the School of Accountancy has been selected as one of the five Most Outstanding Accountancy Student Research Projects in an annual contest organized by the Hong Kong Society of Accountants. The award-winning project 'Voluntary Disclosure Practice of Annual Reports of Hong Kong Listed Companies' was completed under the supervision of Prof. Grace M. Lee. The prize presentation ceremony was held in May and attended by some 300 accounting teachers and professionals. RESEARCH GRANTS FOR 13 PROJECTS T wo CUHK projects on osteoporosis have attracted grants from overseas: •ARandomizedControlledTrialoftheEffectofMilk Supplementation on the Rate of Bone Loss in Post- menopausal Women in Hong Kong Sponsor: New Zealand Dairy Board (HK$ 1,500,000) Researcher: Prof. Edith Lau • AsianOsteoporosisStudy Sponsor: Merck Sharp & Dohme Pharmaceuticals (HK$288,000) Researcher: Prof. Edith Lau E leven research projects submitted by other members ofthe University have also received funding support locally: • Conducting a Review of the Situation Regarding Occupational Health Reseach and Occupational Health Services in Hong Kong Sponsor: Occupational Safety and Health Research Grant (HK$500,000) Researchers: Prof. Ignatius Yu Tak-sun, Prof. Wong Tze-wai •DevelopmentofManufacturingProtocolsfor Improved Production of Standardized Quality Mushroom Nutrieuticals from Ganoderma Lucidum Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$ 1,112,000) Researchers: Prof. John Buswell, Prof. Chang Shu- Ting, Prof. Ken Liu Wing-keung • Provision of Health Services—Elderly Residents in Nursing Homes Using Telemedicine Sponsor: S.K. Yee Medical Foundation (HK$ 1,369,840) Researchers: Prof. Jean Woo, Prof. Magnus N. Hjelm, Prof. Tsui Hung-tat, Prof. Zhang Yuanting • NSAID-Induced Peptic Ulcer Bleeding: Protection a Lower Cost? Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund (HK$597,040) Researchers: Prof. Francis Chan Ka-leung, Prof. Joseph Sung Jao Yiu • The Effects of an Education Programme on the Compliance with Nasal CPAP in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund (HK$755,286) Researchers: Prof. Christopher Lai Kei-wai, Prof. Roland Leung Chung-chuen • Development of a Large Vocabulary Speech Database for Cantonese Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$ 1,680,000) Researcher: Prof. Ching Pak-chung • Establishment of a Hong Kong Bioinformatics Centre Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$4,983,000) Researchers: Prof. Fung Kwok-pui, Prof. Lee Cheuk- yu, Prof. Mary Waye Miu-yee, Dr. Tsui Kwok-wing •ChemicalQualityControlofChineseMedicinesasa Support for Export of Proprietary Chinese Medicines Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$2,448,000) Researchers: Prof. Paul But Pui-hay, Prof. Lau Oi- wah, Prof. Dominic Chan Tak-wah •DevelopmentofaNovelDiagnosticKitforEarly Detection of Human Cervical Cancer: Identification and Generation of a Monoclonal Antibody Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$ 1,903,960) Researchers: Prof. Chew Eng-ching, Prof. Joseph C.K. Lee, Prof. Chew Cheng Siew Boon • A Controlled Study of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome in Obese Children in Hong Kong Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund (HK$572,000) Researchers: Prof. Hui Hon-lam, Prof. Wing Yun- kwok, Prof. Sophie Leung Suk-fong, Prof. Fok Tai-fai, Prof. Chen Char-nie, Mr. Crover Ho •ReclaimingtheSaltyLandsforAgriculture Sponsor: Ho Sin-hang Education Endowment Fund (HK$250,000) Researcher: Prof. Lam Hon-ming