Newsletter No. 179

Ne w Institut e t o Examin e Developmen t o f Shangha i an d Hon g Kon g T he Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute was established jointly b y Fudan University i n Shanghai and The Chinese University i n January 2001. Physically based i n Shanghai, the institute aspires t o elucidate social needs i n the two cities and make concrete policy proposals t o the local governments and enterprises through strategic research, to promote innovative research and train research personnel i n the two universities, and to develop into a think-tank organization which can contribute t o the prosperity of the two places. Capitalizing on the academic and research strengths o f the two cities, the institute w i ll examine crucial issues on the future development of Hong Kong and Shanghai, including China's pending entry into the World Trade Organization, the development o f the western provinces i n mainland China, and other educational and cultural issues. The institute w i ll make policy suggestions based on its research findings. The institute was inaugurated in Shanghai on 20th January, with Prof. Arthur K.C. Li, vice-chancellor of CUHK, and Prof. Wang Sheng-hong, president o f Fudan University, officiating a t the opening ceremony. Well-known industrialists and community leaders from Hong Kong and Shanghai were invited to j o in the management committee o f the institute while the academic committee consists o f senior academics with ample expertise i n a wide range o f areas, including economics and management, risk management, regional development, law and politics, culture and education. Prof. Yeung Yue-man i s a co-director of the institute. Surgeons A l l Over Asia Gather t o Tackle Hepato- Bi l iary-Pancreat ic Diseases O ver 400 surgeons from across Asia gathered i n Hong Kong t o attend the Sixth Congress o f the Asian Society o f Hepato- Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery (ASHBPS) held from 6th to 9th February at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This biennial congress ofASHBPS was hostedjointly by the Department of Surgery and ASHBPS. The aim o f the congress was t o foster experience exchange fo r a better understanding o f the causes and treatment methods for disorders of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tree that are prevalent in Asia. The congress featured five keynote lectures, eight symposium sessions, two panel discussions, eight how-I-do-it video sessions, and over 200 free paper presentations. Many speakers were top-notch surgeons from different parts o f the world. The Honourable Mrs. Rita Fan (right 2), president of the Legislative Council, Prof. Arthur K.C. L i (right 1), vice-chancellor o f the University, Dr. Tadahiro Takada (left 2), president of ASHBPS, and Prof. Joseph Lau (left 1) , chairman o f the Department o f Surgery, officiated a t the opening ceremony held on 6th February. Exchange on Corporate Governance and Disclosure A symposium entitled 'Corporate Governance and Disclosure: Enhancing the Competitiveness o f Hong Kong' was organized by the Master of Accountancy Programme of the School of Accountancy on 22nd and 23rd February 2001 at the New World Renaissance Hotel. Sixteen speakers were featured i n four sessions: disclosure, transparency, and development o f markets; role o f directors; empowerment o f shareholders; and the securities and futures bill 2000. The panel o f distinguished speakers included Mr. Andrew Sheng, chairman o f the Securities and Futures Commission, Mr. Anthony Neoh, senior adviser o f the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Mr . David Carse, deputy chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and Mr. Andy Lee, president of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants. Lecture Series o n Chinese Civilization and World Religions A series o f academic lectures on religion are being organized by the Centre for the Study of Religion and the Chinese Society at Chung Chi College from 19th February t o 30th March 2001 in celebration o f the college's 50th anniversary. Renowned scholars from mainland China, Taiwan, and th e U S ar e speaking o n th e relationship between Chinese c i v i l i za t i on an d religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Christianity, and Catholicism. Mr. George H.C. Hung, chairman o f the Chung Chi College Board o f Trustees, and Prof. Rance P.L. Lee, head of the college, officiated a t the opening ceremony held on 19th February a t the L i Koon Chun Hall. Mr. Ye Xiaowen, director of the State Bureau of Religious Affairs, delivered the keynote speech entitled 'The Development o f Chinese Religions in the Past 100 Years in China'. Pivotal Success i n NPC Treatment T he Clinical Trials Unit o f the Department o f Clinical Oncology has recently introduced a new combined treatment fo r nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) t o replace th e mainstay treatment, radiotherapy. The new treatment i s proven t o greatly enhance the survival rates o f patients diagnosed with advanced NPC. The unit conducted a randomized trial for 350 patients between 1994 and 1999 t o compare the treatment outcomes o f combined chemotherapy and standard radiotherapy to that of radiotherapy alone i n advanced NPC a t the Prince o f Wales Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The study demonstrated that the new combined treatment is we ll tolerated b y th e patients and there i s a reduction i n th e development o f metastases, r e s u l t i ng i n a n i mp r o v ed s u r v i v al rate. Researchers ar e no w examining th e us e o f additional chemotherapy administration before the combined treatment t o achieve even better results. New Asia-Yale Student Exchange E ight New Asia students visited Yale University from 20th January to 2nd February under the New Asia-Yale University Student Exchange Programme. The theme fo r this year's exchange was 'Youth Culture'. The students, led by Prof. Lynne Nakano of the Department o f Japanese Studies, explored youth issues fo r two weeks i n the US. They presented reports relating to the social life of Hong Kong youth, their dating habits and views on sex, the role of Japanese culture i n Hong Kong, and Hong Kong's examination-oriented education system a t a symposium held a t Yale University. They alsome t different student groups and government officials, stayed with local families, visited a correctional centre for juvenile delinquents, and toured New York and Washington DC. Yale students wi ll return their visit i n March 2001.