Newsletter No. 198

Three Distinguished Visiting Professors Give Lectures on Campus • Prof. Patrick T. Harker, dean o f the Wha r t on School o f the Un i ve r s i ty o f Pennsylvania, delivered a public lecture entitled 'From Customer to Co-producer: L e s s o n s f o r H i g h e r Education' on 23rd January i l l t he Ho S i n - H a n g Engineering Building in his c a p a c i t y as We i L u n V i s i t i ng Professor to the University. In his lecture, Pr o f. H a r k e r e x p l o r e d t he c o n c e p t o f c u s t o m e r efficiency management and t h e a b i l i t y o f an organization to effectively manage a customer's efforts in co-producing a service. He supported his explanation with preliminary empirical evidence from on-line retailing and contextualized it in the higher education sector. • Dr. Howard E. Gardner, John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, delivered a Lee Hysan Lec t u re i n Edu c a t i on en t i t l ed ' Good Wo r k: Wh en Exce l l ence and Ethics Meet in School' on 25th January in the Ho T i m B u i l d i n g . D r . Gardner is best known for his theory o f mu l t i p le i n t e l l i g e n c e s, w h i c h challenges the w i d e ly h e l d n o t i o n t h a t intelligence is a single general capacity that can be assessed through IQ testing. Instead it posits the existence of nine different types of intelligence, including linguistic, musical, and spatial intelligences. Over the past two decades, the theory o f multiple intelligences has been applied in hundreds of classrooms and school districts, including some in Hong Kong. In his lecture, Dr. Gardner described how it is possible to carry out quality and responsible work in the market-driven era and suggest strategies that can help the aspiring good worker, using genetics and journalism as examples. • Prof. Zhang Boran, professor of the School of Foreign Studies and director of the Bilingual Dictionary Research Centre of Nanjing University, delivered a lecture on 'Dictionaries and Translation' in his capacity as Wi l son T.S. Wang-New Method College Visiting Professor in L a n g u a ge E d u c a t i on on 2 2 nd February in the Esther Lee Building. P r o f . Z h a ng e x p l o r ed t he dialectical and subtle relationships between dictionaries and translation in his lecture, pointing out that though i nd i spensab le to the process o f translation, dictionaries are not always reliable. Hence one should always consult more than one dictionary, which, i f necessary, should include a monolingual dictionary. One should also be encouraged to use lateral thinking when dictionaries fail to cope with neologisms. CUHK Teacher Elected IEEE Fellow P rof. W.S. Wong o f the Department o f I n f o rma t i on Eng i nee r i ng has recently been elected a fellow o f IEEE (Institute o f Electronic and Electrical Engineers, USA), an honour bestowed only on a few each year who have made enormous contribution to electronic and electrical engineering. This year, only two academics f r om Hong Kong were chosen to receive the honour. Prof. Wong was elected on the strength o f his outstanding contributions to non-linear estimation systems and the application o f relevant system theories to solving c ommu n i c a t i o ns and i n f o r ma t i on processing problems. Prof. Wong graduated summa cum laude f r om Yale Un i v e r s i ty w i t h a combined M A BA degree in 1976. He then obtained his master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard University in 1978 and 1980 respectively. He j o i ned The Chinese University in 1992 and has been the cha i rman o f the Depa r tment o f Information Engineering since 1995. He has published over 90 papers in academic j o u r n a ls and con f e r ences and has received two US patents. Prof. Wong 's research interests include mobile communication systems, non-linear f i l t e r i ng, and i n f o rma t i on issues in estimation and control. Many o f his projects are closely tied to Hong Kong's industry, and have attracted much f und i ng support f r om the Research Grants Co u n c il and the I n d u s t r i al Support Fund. He has been leading a project on a Chinese search engine called Mo L i & ANSeRS, the core concept for which was patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2000. The search engine received the Certificate of Merit in Consumer Product Design of the Hong Kong Award for Industry in 1997. Prof. Wong's technology has been l i c e n s ed to s e v e r al t e c h n o l o gy companies, including Vitova, a local software company. The basic technology has been incorporated by Vitova in its d o c ume nt management p r o d u c t s, i nc l ud i ng one that can automatically categorize documents based on key words. V i t ova has recently f o rmed a business partnership w i t h R i coh, a Fortune 500 company, based on these document management products. Four More Research Projects Receive Local Sponsorship T he following four projects undertaken by University staff have succeeded in attracting funding support locally: • Development of Medical Devices and Nano-Biosensors to Promote Biomedical Electronic Industry in Hong Kong (HK$8,881,000) Sponsor. Innovation and Technology Fund Principal investigator: Prof. Zhang Yuan - t i ng (Department o f Electronic Engineering) Other investigators: Prof. K.T. Chan, Prof. C.Y. Cheng, Prof. Chien Chou, Prof. S. C. Chung, Prof. P.C. Ching, Prof. K.P. Fung, Prof. P. Heng, Prof. Dov Jaron, Dr. Tan Lee, Prof. C.Y. Lee, Prof. H.W. Leong, Prof. W.J. L i, Prof. Z.H. Lu, Prof. H. K. Ng, Prof. B. Onaral, Prof. Kambiz Pourrezaei, Prof. J. Sung, Prof. T. Tamura, Prof. S.K.W. Tsui, Prof. M.Y. Waye, Prof. S.P. Wong, Prof. J. Woo, Prof. Y.H. X u • To Promote Tai Chi as an Exercise to Enhance the Health Promotion Aspect of Osteoporosis (HK$491,760) Sponsor. Health Care and Promotion Fund Principal investigator. Prof. Chan Kai-ming (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology) • R&D of New Process Chemicals for the Electronic Industry (HK$1,220,335) Sponsors: Innovation and Technology Fund and Shipley Asia Ltd. Principal investigator. Prof. Raymund Kwok (Department of Chemistry) • Effectiveness of Interventions for Reducing Breathlessness, Fatigue and Anxiety in Chinese Patients Undergoing Lung Cancer Radiotherapy in HK (HK$456,800) Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund Principal investigator. Prof. Carmen W.H. Chan (Nethersole School of Nursing)