Newsletter No. 201

Th i r d Induct ion Ceremony of Beta Gamma Sigma O ver 350 honorary guests, students, and their friends and family attended the third induction ceremony of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma held by the Faculty of Business Administration on 17th March at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The award presentation ceremony of the Faculty also took place on the occasion. During the induction ceremony, Mr. Wilfred Wong, director of human resources of Duty Free Shoppers Hong Kong Ltd., and Dr. Eden Woon, director of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, were made Chapter Honorees in recognition of their outstanding business and managerial leadership. Prof. Eliza Tse of the School of Hotel Management was also inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma membership, together with 37 graduate and 57 undergraduate students. With a membership of over 460,000, Beta Gamma Sigma was founded in 1913 to encourage and honour academic achievement in the study of business, as we ll as personal and professional achievement in the practice of business. It also aims to foster enduring commitment to the principles and values of honour and integrity, encourage the pursuit of wisdom and lifelong learning, and support the advancement of business thought. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the first chapter outside North America, was established in 2000. On the same occasion, about 160 undergraduates on the Dean's List (2000-1) and 11 recipients of the Student Service Award (2001-2) were presented certificates by the dean, Prof. Japhet Law. The Dean's List recognizes outstanding academic achievement, and the Service Award, student contribution to a positive relationship between teachers and students, as well as student activities and community service. Dr. Eden Woon speaking at the ceremony Student Members Newly Admitted into the Hong Kong Chapter Graduate Students CHAN WAI MAN VIVIAN HUI YUK CHUN TAM KAM YEE CHEUNG CHOK CHI HUNG YAN YINC ALICE TAM KWAN KEI CHEUNG SUET YEE HWANG FAI TANG SIU MAN CHIU MAN LAM KIT YING TSE TIN NUN VINCENT CHIU SIU MUI CECILIA LI CHI WAI GARY WEI MING CHI GEORGE CHIU SO YUNG LOUISE LI SIN MAN ALICE WONG CHEUK FUNG CHIU WAI YING JULIE LIU LEI WONG HO KIT CHOI WAI KAI NG MAN YEE MARGUARITE WONG KIN WING CHONC SUN KUEN PANG TZE KWEN JULIA WONG LON KEE CHUNG WING SZE PONG WAI HING YAU KAM SHEK FONG SUT SAM SHUM KOON IP SAMUEL YIP WAI HANG TANIA GREENSLADE LEITH MAREE SIU DOI PING HUI CHEUNG CHING SO PIK LAN RACHEL Undergraduate Students LAM SAU YEE YIU SAU FONG WONG KA KI SO YEE WAI CHAN NGA CHI WONG SHUI PING CHAN YUET MING CHEN WING SHING WONG WING FONG FIONA HOWING KI FONG WING SZE WONG WING YAN KWOK KIT PAN HUI YUK HUNG YU TSUEN KWEUN LAM MEI LAN KAM WING CHI CHAN KWOK LUN LIU WING YAN KWOK KI KI CHOW TSUI SHAN NG SIN WOON MICHELLE LAI PUI YING CHU MUN CHUNG WONG WING TING LAM WAI YAN FABIENNE KWAN WAI YIN STEPHANIE YIP WAI LAU KON MAN LAM KA YU KWOK SHEK SAN LAW MAN YEE LEUNG CHUNG MAN MUI HOI YI STEPHANIE LEE MAN HON MATTHEW TSE MAN YI NG YAN YAN LIN YIU TUNG TSE OI LING SETO FONG CHING MA SIU YI WAN PUI KIT TSANG MAN KIT NG KA WAI AGNES WONG HOI TING TSE KAI YEE CARRIE NG LAI FONG YUNG CHUN HING CHONG WEI WAI SUNG KA LOK CHAN DIK YUEN LAI HO YAN TSOI FUNG MEI LEUNG YUK SHAN YIP WAN CHI TSUI SUK MAN NG WING MUI Experts Exchange Knowledge of B eatin g -Heart Surgery R enowned heart surgeons from the world over gathered at the Prince of Wales Hospital for the Off-Pump Coronary Surgery Symposium on 8th and 9th A p r i l , organized by the University's Faculty of Medicine. They shared with doctors from Hong Kong and mainland China the latest research and clinical experience of this advanced form of surgery. The Chinese University has been applying minimal access heart surgery to a o r t i c v a l v e r e p l a c eme nt and a o r t i c r o o t replacement instead o f conducting f u ll s t e r no t omy. Th is g r e a t l y r e d u c es trauma to body tissues and post-operative pain. Beating-heart surgery or off-pump heart surgery w i th minimal access can be applied to coronary artery bypass grafting without the use of a heart-lung machine. The CUHK Facu l ty of Medicine is the first medical institution ill the territory to perform such surgery. It also plays a pivotal role in training thoracic surgeons from Hong Kong, the mainland, and abroad. The symposium included a live demonstration of off-pump coronary revascularization by Prof. Ahmed Arifi of the Department of Surgery. Emeritus Professor Assumes Leading Role in Mushroom Farming in Africa P rof. Chang Shu-ting, Emeritus Professor of Biology and Director of the Centre for International Services to Mushroom Biotechnology, has served as a consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) on mushroom projects in Africa since July 2000. His work as a consultant has involved visits to five sub-Saharan African countries (Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia) to provide the knowledge and expertise required to establish cottage- and industrial-scale facilities for cultivating mushrooms both as a high- value food source and as a feedstock for the manufacture of dietary supplements. Prof. Chang (left) recently attended a meeting of the Steering Committee responsible for the UNDP/UNOPS Regional Project for Africa, held from 21st to 24th February in Windhoek. Namibia. The meeting, attended by Mr. Abdoulie Janneh, Director of UNDP A f r i ca Bureau, Mr. Bisrat A k l i l u, deputy director of UNOPS, Dr. Jacqui Badcock, UNDP representative of Namibia, Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi, vice- chance l l or o f the Un i v e r s i ty o f Namibia, and Prof. Keto E. Mshigeni (right), the project co-ordinator, was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Sam Nujoma, president of the Republic of Namibia (centre).