Newsletter No. 227

The 40 th Anniversary Fair Opens T he 40th Anniversary Fair of The Chinese University officially opened amidst much cheer and fanfare at 3.00 p.m. on the sunny Saturday afternoon of 20th September. Officiating at the opening ceremony were Dr. Alice Lam, chairperson of the University Grants Committee, Dr. Edgar Cheng, council chairman-designate of the University, Mr. Paul Cheng, chairman of the 40th Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee, Prof. Ambrose King, vice-chancellor, and pro-vice-chancellors Prof. Kenneth Young, Prof. P.W. Liu, and Prof. Jack Cheng. Other guests included the University's former vice-chancellors Prof. Ma Lin, Prof. Charles Kao, and Prof. Arthur Li; distinguished professor- at-large Prof. C.N. Yang; honorary fellow Prof. Hu Shiu Ying; and distinguished alumni Prof. Yau Shing-tung, Prof. Tsui Lap-chee, Ms. Lina Yan, Dr. Thomas Cheung, and Mr. Lee Ming-kwai. After the ceremony, the guests were given a tour of the exhibition before being served tea at the Institute of Chinese Studies. From 4.30 to 5.30 p.m., Prof. Ambrose King delivered a public lecture entitled 'Universities in the Age of Globalization' to a packed audience at the T.Y. Wong Hall of the Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building. In the evening, guests and other ticket holders were treated to the 40th anniversary concert 'A Musical Offering of the East and the West' at the Lee Hysan Concert Hall. The inspiring programme featured works by Frederic Chopin, Darius Milhaud, George Frederic Handel, Gerald Finzi, Francis Poulenc, Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Rachmaninoff, as well as traditional Cantonese music and silk and bamboo music from Jiangnan. Performers were undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Music, Dr. Mary Wu, artist-in-residence, Prof. Andrew Li I Kang, associate professor in the Department of Architecture, and the Chinese Music Ensemble of the Department of Music. The music director was Prof. Lawrence Witzleben of the Department of Music. PUBLIC LECTURES A series of public lectures by distinguished faculty and alumni of the University have been organized to celebrate the 40th anniversary. On 19th September, Prof. Yau Shing-tung, director of the CUHK Institute of Mathematical Sciences, recounted his story as a mathematician from his days at CUHK to studying mathematics abroad. On 22nd Mr. Ko Tin-lung, CUHK alumnus and director of Chung Ying Theatre Group, shared his thoughts on creativity and the dramatic art while Prof. Samuel Sun, professor of biology, shared his on genetic engineering. Prof. P.W. Liu, pro-vice- chancellor and professor of economics, expounded on the current problems and future of the Hong Kong economy on 13rd September. Prof. Lo Wai-luen, CUHK alumna and director of the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre, took a look at her relationship with Hong Kong literature studies on 24th September. On 15th September, Zun Zi (Mr. Wong Kay Kun), alumnus and celebrated political cartoonist, described his role and experience as a cartoonist in Hong Kong while Prof. Dennis Lo, associate dean (research) of the Faculty of Medicine, spoke on DNA and SARS. Prof. S.K. Lau, head of the Central Policy Unit, gave a talk on governance in Hong Kong on 26th September. Prof. Yau Shing-tung Prof. Lo Wai-luen Zun Zi Mr. Ko Tin-lung J Prof. Dennis Lo Prof. Samuel Prof. P.W. Liu Prof. S.K. Lau No. 227 4th October 2003