Newsletter No. 232

4,586 Degrees Conferred at the University's 60th Congregation A total o f 4,586 degree s were conferred at the 60t h Congregation fo r the Conferment o f Degrees hel d on Thursday , 4t h Decembe r 2003 . Th e degree s o f Bachelor o f Medicine an d Bachelor o f Surgur y wer e already conferre d a t th e 59t h Congregatio n o n 24t h October 2003 . The total number o f graduates in 2002- 3 was 4,742 . This year , honorary doctorate s wer e conferre d o n seven distinguished persons. They wer e Dr . Raymon d Kwok Pin g Luen , distinguishe d entrepreneur , leade r i n Hon g Kong's propert y secto r an d vice-chairma n o f th e Universit y Council; Prof . th e Honourabl e Arthu r K.C . L i , Secretar y fo r Education an d Manpower an d former vice-chancello r o f CUHK ; Dr. Anthony Franci s Neoh , Senio r Counse l an d Chief Adviser t o the Ch i n a Securitie s Regu l a t o r y Comm i s s i on ; P r o f . th e Honourable Ja o Tsung I, world-renowned schola r i n Chinese an d oriental studies , We i Lu n Honorar y Professo r o f Fin e Art s an d Emeritus Professo r of Chinese Language and Literature of CUHK ; Prof. Y u Kwan g Chung , famou s Chines e scholar , poet , an d a former teache r o f CUHK; Prof . L u Yongxiang, vice-chairma n o f the Standin g Committee o f the National People' s Congress , PR C and Presiden t o f th e Chines e Academy o f Sciences ; an d Prof . Re i nha rd Selten , No b e l l a u r e a te i n e c o n o m i c sciences 199 4 and Professor Emeritus o f Economic s o f the Un i v e r s i t y o f Bonn , Germany. The ir citation s wer e wr i t t en an d delivere d b y Prof. David Parker and Prof. Se r e na J i n . P r o f . L u Yongxiang represente d th e h o n o r a ry g r adua t e s t o address th e congregation . A t th e en d o f th e ceremony , Prof . Y u Kwang Chun g presented a tribute t o the University i n celebratio n of it s 40th anniversary . In the afternoon , th e fou r constituen t colleges , th e Part-tim e Degree Programmes (fo r first-degree graduates), and the Graduat e School (for master's degree graduates) held graduation ceremonies for thei r students . The seve n honorar y graduates posin g with Prof. Ambrose Y.C. Kin g (middle), vice-chancellor o f CUH K and Dr . Edgar W.K. Chen g (right 4 ), chairma n o f th e Council. (Fro m left ) Dr . Anthony Francis Neoh, Prof. Yu Kwan g Chung , Prof . Arthur Li , Prof. Jao Tsung I, Prof. L u Yongxiang , Prof . Reinhard Selten , an d Dr . Raymond Kwok . Prof. Lu Yongxiang Breakdown o f Degrees Conferred in 2002-2003 Honorary Doctorate s 7 Doctor of Medicine 8 Doctor of Philosophy 12 0 Doctor of Education 1 Master of Philosophy 36 7 Master of Arts 25 6 Master of Divinity 4 Master of Fine Arts 3 Master of Music 3 Master of Accountancy 1 5 Master of Business Administration 28 3 Master of Education 9 0 Master of Clinical Pharmac y 7 Master of Nursing 2 2 Master of Public Health 3 2 Master of Science 60 9 Master of Architecture 3 4 Master of Social Science 5 4 Master of Social Work 1 0 1,925 Bachelor's Degrees Arts 42 9 Business Administration 52 1 Education 10 5 Engineering 40 6 Medicine an d Surgery* 15 6 Nursing 7 3 Pharmacy 3 0 Science 57 8 Social Science 51 9 2,817 — Total 4,74 2 * Conferred a t the 59th Congregationon 24th October Upcoming Anniversary Celebrations 40th Anniversary Conference: The State of Contemporary China Date: 6th-7t h Januar y 200 4 Venue: Lectur e Theatr e 1 & 3, Esthe r Le e Buildin g Website: ht tp:// k CUHK 40th Anniversary Concert: The Sound of Harmony, the Voices of Joy! Date: 11t h January 200 4 (Sunday ) Time: 8.0 0 p.m . Venue: Hon g Kon g Cultura l Centr e Concer t Hal l Tickets: $180 , $150 , $10 0 Tickets ar e no w availabl e a t URBTI X outlets ; half-pric e for senio r citizen s an d full-time students ; 1 0 pe r cen t of f for eac h purchas e o f 1 0 or mor e tickets . Ticket Reservation: 273 4 900 9 Credit Card Booking: 211 1 599 9 Programme: Menuha Overture (Worl d Premiere ) Daniel Law Ping-leung Conductor: Danie l Law Ping-leung•Hong Kon g Sinfonietta Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Sergei Rachmaninoff Conductor: Carme n Koon Mee-yu•Pianist: Mar y Wu Mei-loc • Hong Kong Sinfonietta Symphony No. 9, in D minor, Op . 12 5 一 Finale: Presto 一 Allegro 'Ode to J o y' Ludwig van Beethoven Conductor: Cha n Wing-wah•Soprano: Katush a Tsui-Fraser • Alto: Melody Sze•Tenor: Tam Yu-leung•Bass: Dere k Anthony• Student Chorus, CUHK•Chung Ch i Choir•Hong Kon g Oratorio Society•Hong Kon g Sinfonietta Programme Enquiries: 260 9 671 6 Please visit f or the latest information. 40th Anniversary Banquet T wo day s late r o n 6t h Decembe r 2003 , ove r 3,00 0 guests , staff, alumni, and friends of the University gathered at the grand hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai for th e University's 40t h anniversary banquet , which als o served to honour th e seve n honorary graduate s o f 2003 . The Honourabl e Tun g Che e Hwa , chie f executiv e o f th e HKSAR, Dr . Edga r Cheng , chairma n o f th e Universit y Council , Dr. Raymon d Kwo k , chairma n o f th e CUH K 40t h Anniversar y Banquet Steerin g Committee , an d Prof . Ambros e K i ng , vice - chancellor o f th e University , addresse d th e attendee s befor e th e banquet. Mor e abou t th e functio n w i l l b e carrie d i n the nex t issu e of the CUHK Newsletter. (From left) Dr. Edgar Cheng, the Honourable Tung Chee Hwa, Prof. Ambrose King , Prof. Ma Lin, and Prof. Authur K.C. Li standing ready to propose a toast to the University 1 No. 232 19th December 2003