Newsletter No. 258

Business School Recognizes Excellence in Induction and Award Ceremonies T he Faculty of Business Administration presented awards to some of its most outstanding teachers and students, and held the sixth induction ceremony of the CUHK Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma and the award presentation ceremony on 20th March at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall on campus. About 400 teachers, students and guests attended the function. Six teachers were awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award for excellence i n teaching. They were Prof. Joseph Cheng of the Department of Finance, Prof. Jessica Kwong of the Department of Marketing, Prof. James Xie and Mr. Simon Lee of the School of Accountancy, Prof. Shigefumi Makino of the Department of Management, and Prof. Jeff Yeung o f the Department o f Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics. On the same occasion, 170 undergraduates who made it to the Dean's List and nine recipients of the Service Award for Undergraduates were presented certificates of award. A t the sixth induction ceremony of the CUHK Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, two prominent business leaders, Mr. Stephen Ng Tin-hoi, chairman and CEO of i- CABLE Communications Ltd. and Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, were presented the Chapter Honoree Award. One faculty member, 42 graduates, and 56 undergraduates (see list below) were inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma membership in recognition of their achievements in business. Beta Gamma Sigma was founded in 1913 in the US to honour academic achievement in business and has a current membership of over 500,000 worldwide. Its membership is a lifetime recognition. The CUHK Chapter was established in 2000, the first chapter outside North America. Members Newly Inducted into the CUHK Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Faculty Member CHENG WUI WING JOSEPH MBA Graduates CHAN PUI YEE GLORIA CHAN WAI LEE VENNY CHAN YAM CHEUNG ERIC CHANG KWAl YEUNG CHENG PAK HIM DANIEL CHEUNG LAI PING CHEUNG WAH SING CHOI KING YUN ANNIE DUBEY VAIBHAV FUNG WING KIT LAU WILLIAM LEE TSZ KIT LEUNG HANS HAN SSU LEUNG WAI KIN LI JIE LI YAN MING LO HOI KA IVY MOK YUET NGO NG TUNG TUNG CARMEN NG WANG YU GARY PAMECHA MANISH POON TSUN WAH GARY SHEN WEI LING JANET SUN CHAO TAM RYAN KELLY GOODHEART TANG YI LANG ELAINE OTHILIA TSANG HING LUNG TSANG SIN CHING KAREN WAN CHOI CHUN WONG CHUN WING WONG HING CHEUNG WONG WING CHI YEUNG KA LOK YU SZE WAI Executive MBA Graduates CHAN NIM CHEE HO CHI HO HO PUI YIN YVONNE HUNG HAK WAI PAUL MOK SIU CHUEN PANG CHI HANG WONG WAI MAN YIU PUI LEUNG BBA/BSc Undergraduates (third year) CHAN CHUI YING CHAN EDWINA HOI SEE CHANG LE CHU SHUK MAN CHUNG PUI LING CHUNG SING FAI CHUNG WAI HAN FUNG KING TO HO TIN CHI HUI SZE YUEN HUI WAI LING LAM YIM HUNG LAU HO WAH LEE SIU CHUNG PAK KA WING PUN PO YAT SIMON QIU WENTING SZE WAH MAN YEUNG UN TONG BBA/BSc Undergraduates (second year) AN QI CHAN CHO HUNG CHAN FUNG CHU CHAN LOK YIN CHAN MAN CHI CHAN SIU PO CHAN TIN LOK CHANG PUI YAN CHANG WING KIN CHEONG SI LAM CHIM MAN FUNG CHONG PO CHI CHOW CHUN WAI CHOW PUI YIN CH〇Y KA YEN KRISTY FU KA KAR KWOK CHI TAT LEE CHUN MAN JOHN LEUNG KIN KEI LEUNG WING YIN LIN YISHA LO IAT TENG MAK SUET YEE MAN CHUI YEE MAN WAI KEUNG MOK SZE WAI NG WING SUM REN YOU TO TSZ YEUNG TSANG TAK SANG WANG MAN MAN WONG CHUN WAH WONG WAI KEI XU XIAOWEN YIP KAI HONG JOSEPH YIP KWAN HON ZHANG TIANYU Top University Administrato r Shares View s on Tertiar y Educatio n C ollege heads and administrators of the University exchanged views with Prof. Michael Shortland, head of Menzies College, La Trobe University, and distinguished visiting scholar of Shaw College 2004-5. They discussed the issues of internationalization, student development, and the role of colleges in the overall enhancement o f students' educational experience, on 31 st March 2005 at the Staff Common Room. On 6th April, Prof. Shortland delivered a pub l i c lecture en t i t l ed 'College and Universities: Learning from the Australian Context, at the Shaw College Lecture Theatre. In the lecture, Prof. Shortland shared with th e audience his passion for innovation and change, made apparent through his success in bringing Menzies to new heights in sports and academia. Under his leadership, Menzies College became the first residential college of its kind to have sought and obtained ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Prof. Shortland was educated in the UK and had read a number of disciplines ranging from mathematics, history, to philosophy. After having acquired extensive experience in tertiary education in the UK and the US, he joined La Trobe University in 2000 and has since been head and CEO of Menzies College, and manager of projects at the International Projects Office. Yale Delegation Pays Return Visit to New Asia E ight students and a teacher from Yale University visited New Asia College from 6th to 18th March as the second part of the 12th Annual Student Exchange between the two institutions. Previously, from 5th to 18th February, eight New Asia students, led by Prof. Gordon Mathews of the Department of Anthropology, had visited Yale. During their time in Hong Kong, the Yale delegation participated in academic talks, visits to the Prince of Wales Hospital, the Hospital Authority and a secondary school, and met with legislative councillors and local academics. They presented reports on various aspects of public health and society in the US at a symposium held on 10th March. The group paid a two-day visit to Guangzhou after their stay in the territory. 2 No. 258 19thApril 2005