Newsletter No. 259

Faculty of Medicine to Set up Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences T he L i K a Shin g Foundatio n ha s donated HK$6 0 m i l l i o n t o th e University t o establis h a n institut e o f health science s an d t o fun d clinica l studies and health science research at the Faculty o f Medicine . The Li K a Shing Institute o f Healt h Sciences w i l l devot e it s research effor t mainly t o area s related to th e health o f individuals, wit h particular emphasi s o n sickness prevention, clinical sciences and regenerative medicine. Research foci wil l include early detection of severe diseases such as cancers, genetic diseases, common urban healt h problem s an d infectiou s diseases, innovativ e therapeutic s an d disease prevention through understanding of genetic susceptibility. The institute wil l seek multi-disciplinary collaboration with private an d public partner s i n researc h projects relate d t o persona l healt h an d health education. The institute will be headed by Prof. Fok Tai-fai , dea n o f th e Facult y o f Medicine, an d w i ll b e housed in a new 12-storey building at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Th e building i s schedule d fo r completion in the fourth quarter of 2006. The ne w buildin g w i l l b e named afte r Dr. L i K a Shin g i n recognitio n o f hi s contribution. Thanking Dr . L i fo r hi s generou s donation, Prof . Lawrenc e J . Lau, vice - chancellor o f th e University , sai d th e University admire s Dr . Li' s 'legendar y philanthropy an d public spiritedness' . The Universit y an d the foundatio n are i n activ e discussio n t o explor e opportunities fo r futur e collaboration i n education and medicine. The Li Ka Shing Foundation has been a long-standing supporter of education and healthcare relate d projects . Sinc e it s inception in 1980, the foundation has made over HK$2. 3 billio n wort h of donation s to medical care and research, accounting for 35 per cent of its tota l commitments. The Chinese University has enjoyed a history of successful collaborations wit h the foundation. Two specialis t clinics a t the Prince o f Wales Hospital were buil t with the foundation's support in 1984 and 1997 respectively. In 2001, the University joined forces with Shantou University — one o f th e foundation' s ke y ongoin g projects — t o foun d the Join t Shanto u International Ey e Centre . Th e centr e provides qualit y patien t car e and sets a new socia l mode l fo r medica l relie f through the establishment o f a platform and network fo r the delivery o f medica l skills an d technology. An artist's impression of the Li Ka Shing Medical Sciences Building which will house the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences upon completion in 2006 Helmsmen o f the School of Law Spea k Their Mind s I n 2004 , the Chinese University received support from the University Grant s Committee to set up a School of Law, making it a full-fledged comprehensiv e research university. Recentl y Dr . the Honourable Si r T.L. Yang, Dr. Anthony Neo h SC, and Prof. Liu Pak-wai , pro-vice-chancellor, wer e appointed to the Executive Committee o f the new Schoo l of Law. The CUHK Newsletter spoke to the three distinguished individuals abou t the plans and goals of the school. Their interviews ar e carried in their entirety i n the Chinese section on pages 2-3 . Dr. the Honourable Sir T.L. Yang, Chairman Sir T.L. who is volunteering his time and expertise to assist in the establishmen t o f th e School of Law i s pleased to kno w tha t Chines e law w i l l b e a ke y emphasis o f th e school. He believes it i s a n extremely importan t are a to whic h the schoo l shoul d strive to make significant contributions . He also hopes that the School of Law will make full use of the University's academic diversity and general education policy to nurture th e kind o f lawyer s Hon g Kon g societ y needs — all-rounde d professional s wh o ar e understanding, multi-talented, and well cultured in the humanities, as opposed to legal technicians who can rattle of f ordinance s b y heart . 'It i s fa r to o narrow t o vie w thing s fro m a purel y lega l perspective,' Si r T.L. remarks. Dr Anthony Neoh SC, Vice-Chairman Dr. Neo h i s o f th e view tha t th e firs t thin g th e School o f La w shoul d d o i s t o creat e a goo d learning environmen t an d to facilitat e students ' integration into that environment so that their rise in value is synchronous with that of the University. Law students , like other students, he says, should make use of CUHK' s stron g bilingual an d general educatio n traditions. He also believes that information technology will play a significant rol e i n th e school . I T w i l l for m th e basis o f th e teaching platform , o f acces s t o lega l information , an d o f communication betwee n teacher s an d student s outsid e th e classroom. 'To produce excellent legal talent, it is most important to expan d th e visio n o f la w students . I n this , th e Chines e University ha s every confidence,' h e remarks. Prof. Liu Pak-wai, Member Prof. Liu states that the aim of the School of Law i s no t t o trai n legal technician s but lega l professional s who ar e steeped in Hon g Kong society and Chinese culture. Thi s coincide s w i t h th e Un i v e r s i t y strengths i n the arts, social science and general education. Explainin g the decision to se t up an Executive Committe e rather than recruit a dean from outside, he says, ' A ne w dean may not be familiar wit h CUHK tradition s suc h as general education, bilingualism , an d th e stres s o n Chinese culture . Dr . th e Honourabl e Si r T.L . Yang and Dr. Anthony Neoh have had very close relationships wit h CUH K an d I a m a member of CUHK . W e ca n ensur e tha t th e school' s development complie s wit h ou r university' s traditions. W e w i l l revie w an d reconside r recruiting a dean after several years.' E N EWSLETTER A BSTRACT Volume 2 No. 10 CUHK Sets up Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism The Departmen t o f Cultura l an d Religious Studie s a t th e Chines e University ha s established a Centre for the Stud y o f Humanisti c Buddhis m t o promote Buddhis t culture. Officiating at the inauguration ceremony on 18th April 2005 wer e the Venerable Master Hsin g Yun, directo r o f F o Guan g Sha n Foundation fo r Buddhis t Cultur e an d Education, an d Prof . Lawrenc e J. Lau, vice-chancellor o f the University . CUHK Graduates Win Best Paper Award of Association of American Geographers A Ph.D . an d a master graduat e o f th e Department of Geography and Resource Management o f the Chinese Universit y won th e firs t an d secon d priz e respectively o f the Bes t Student Pape r Award o f the Association o f America n Geographers i n earl y April 2005 . Thi s marked the first time one of the awards was bestowe d o n a non-America n student. CUHK Chinese Major Wins Laurels at National English Speech Contest Edward Wong, a final-year student of the Department o f Chines e Languag e an d Literature o f th e Chines e University , recently cam e fourth i n the Tenth 2 1 st Century English/Shangha i Foreig n Language Education Press Cup Nationa l English Speaking Competition in Beijing. For details, please visit 1 No. 259 4th May 2005