Newsletter No. 329

No. 329, 19.12.2008 第三二九期 二零零八年十二月十九日 No. 329 19 December 2008 2007至2008年度頒授學位數目 Breakdown of Degrees Conferred in 2007 – 08 榮譽博士 Honorary Doctorate 4 醫學博士 Doctor of Medicine 5 哲學博士 Doctor of Philosophy 218 教育博士 Doctor of Education 6 哲學碩士 Master of Philosophy 344 文學碩士 Master of Arts 1,396 神道學碩士 Master of Divinity 8 藝術碩士 Master of Fine Arts 1 音樂碩士 Master of Music 1 會計學碩士 Master of Accountancy 26 工商管理碩士 Master of Business Administration 363 專業會計學碩士Master of Professional Accountancy 98 教育碩士 Master of Education 105 法律博士 Juris Doctor 62 法學碩士 Master of Laws 157 家庭醫學碩士 Master of Family Medicine 6 健康科學碩士 Master of Health Science 20 護理碩士 Master of Nursing 14 職業醫學碩士 Master of Occupational Medicine 1 公共衞生碩士 Master of Public Health 28 中醫學碩士 Master of Chinese Medicine 5 理學碩士 Master of Science 699 建築碩士 Master of Architecture 36 社會科學碩士 Master of Social Science 233 社會工作碩士 Master of Social Work 39 文學士 Bachelor of Arts 446 工商管理學士 Bachelor of Business Administration 540 教育學士 Bachelor of Education 28 工程學士 Bachelor of Engineering 346 醫學科學學士 Bachelor of Medical Sciences 1 內外全科醫學士 Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 139 護理學士 Bachelor of Nursing 140 藥劑學士 Bachelor of Pharmacy 30 中醫學學士 Bachelor of Chinese Medicine 23 理學士 Bachelor of Science 565 社會科學學士 Bachelor of Social Science 544 總數 Total 6,677 香 港中文大學於12月4日在校園舉行第六十五屆頒 授學位典禮大會,由大學校董會主席鄭維健博士 ( 下圖中 )主持,頒授榮譽博士學位、高級學位及學士學位 六千六百七十七個。 大學今年共頒授榮譽博士學位予四位傑出人士。利豐集團 主席及國際商會主席馮國經博士( 下圖左一 )獲頒授榮譽 法學博士學位;著名史學家許倬雲教授( 下圖左二 )獲頒授 榮譽文學博士學位;傑出分子及醫學藥理學家、1998年諾 貝爾生理學/醫學獎得主Prof. Louis J. Ignarro,以及國際 知名的航天學工程師、美國加州大學聖塔芭芭拉校區校長 楊祖佑教授( 下圖右一 )則獲頒授榮譽理學博士學位。 同日下午,各成員書院為其本科生舉行畢業典禮,碩士學 位課程畢業典禮則於12月5及6日在邵逸夫堂按學院分六 節舉行。 第六十五屆大會 The 65th Congregation T he Chinese University held its 65th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees on 4 December. Dr. Edgar W.K. Cheng (above, centre), Chairman of the University Council, presided at the congregation. The Chinese University conferred honorary doctorates on four distinguished persons. Dr. Fung Kwok-king Victor (above, 1st left), chairman of the Li & Fung Group of companies and chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce, was conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa . Prof. Hsu Cho-yun (above, 2nd left), an internationally renowned historian, received the degree of Doctor of Literature, honoris causa . Prof. Louis J. Ignarro, a distinguished molecular and medical pharmacologist and 1998 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, and Prof. Yang Tzu-yow Henry (above, 1st right), a world- famous aerospace engineer and Chancellor of University of California, Santa Barbara, were each awarded the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa . In the afternoon, the four constituent Colleges held graduation ceremonies for their students. The Master’s degree graduation ceremony was held in six sessions at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall on 5 and 6 December.