Newsletter No. 347

No. 347, 19.11.2009 第三四七期 二零零九年十一月十九日 No. 347 19 November 2009 本刊由香港中文大學資訊處出版,每月出版兩期。截稿日期及稿例載於 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at 國學大師饒宗頤教授雕像揭幕 Bust of Professor Jao Tsung-i Unveiled 大 學圖書館原有一尊意大利大詩人但丁的半身銅像, 乃1966年由意大利政府所贈。今天這尊但丁像有 另一尊銅像為鄰,那是中大偉倫榮譽藝術講座教授饒宗頤 的銅像。 饒教授銅像由中國藝術研究院中國雕塑院院長吳為山教 授所塑,蒙饒教授惠贈本校,豎立於大學心臟地帶─大 學圖書館。11月12日饒宗頤教授( 中 )、吳為山教授( 左 )親 臨,和校長劉遵義教授( 右 )一同主禮揭幕。 劉校長感謝饒宗頤教授的盛情與厚愛,他說:「香港中文 大學十分榮幸,能夠與饒教授結下三十多年的不解之緣。 為了向饒公致敬,今天我們在大學圖書館,豎立他的銅像。 我代表香港中文大學,衷心感謝饒教授多年來對我們的愛 護和襄助,希望今後能夠繼續得到他的指導與支持。」 饒教授雕像矗立於大學圖書館參考圖書室,與但丁像為 伴。饒教授素對這位西方詩人仰慕不已,1958年訪遊意 大利時,曾往但丁墓憑弔,並撰長古《但丁墓下作》以為紀 念。對於自己的雕像與但丁像為鄰,饒教授笑言:「我可以 同但丁對話了。」 同時,何文匯教授為饒宗頤教授手書「烜赫饒公,人中之 龍」讚辭,為雕像錦上添花,與置放於但丁塑像後的《但丁 墓下作》互相輝映。大學圖書館為追求學問的寶庫,中西 兩位哲人於此相會,正好讓世世代代的中大學生瞻識兩位 碩學鴻儒的風采,策勵發奮治學之心志。 饒宗頤教授學問精博宏通,乃當今國學大師。他在1973年 加盟本校中國語言及文學系,退休後擔任中國文化研究所 暨藝術系榮譽講座教授,現為中大偉倫榮譽藝術講座教 授。多年來,他曾惠贈大學許多書畫墨寶,並積極匡助大 學推動學術發展,提供寶貴意見。2003年獲中大頒授榮譽 文學博士學位。 T here is a bronze bust of Dante Alighieri, a gift from the Italian government in 1966, at the University Library. Now the bust has a companion in the form of a bust of Prof. Jao Tsung-i, Wei Lun Honorary Professor of Fine Arts at CUHK. This bust, sculpted by Prof. Wu Weishan, director, China Sculpture Academy of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, was generously donated to the University by Professor Jao. The unveiling ceremony of it was officiated on 12 November by Professor Jao (centre), Professor Wu (left) and CUHK Vice-Chancellor Prof. Lawrence J. Lau (right). Professor Lau thanked Professor Jao for his gift. ‘The Chinese University is honoured to have a long and close association with Professor Jao—one of over three decades. To pay tribute to his contributions, the bust of Professor Jao will stand at the University Library from now on. On behalf of the Chinese University, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Professor Jao for his loving care and support for the University. We hope to continue to benefit from his wisdom and guidance.’ Situated at the Reference Room of the University Library, Professor Jao’s bust stands just across from that of Dante. Professor Jao has long been fond of the Italian poet. In 1958, he visited Dante’s tomb in Italy and wrote a long poem in memory of him. Professor Jao is pleased to see his bust being kept company by Dante’s. ‘I can engage in a conversation with Dante now,’ he quipped. In celebration of the unveiling of the bust, Prof. Richard Ho, Honorary Professor, Department of Chinese Language and Literature at CUHK, has penned and autographed a tribute to Professor Jao which is placed behind his bust, just as Professor Jao’s poem for Dante is placed behind Dante’s bust. Being a place for knowledge-seeking, the University Library is the most appropriate venue for the two great philosophers to meet. With their busts erected at the University Library, CUHK students will be forever inspired in their quest for knowledge. A world-renowned sinologist, Professor Jao joined the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of CUHK in 1973. Upon his retirement, he became Honorary Professor in Fine Arts and Emeritus Professor in Chinese Language and Literature at the Institute of Chinese Studies. He is currently Wei Lun Honorary Professor of Fine Arts at CUHK. Over the years, he has generously donated his calligraphy and paintings to the University and provided invaluable advice on promoting academic development at the University. In 2003, Professor Jao was conferred a Doctor of Literature, honoris causa , by CUHK.