Newsletter No. 363

No. 363, 19.9.2010 11 ANNOUNCEMENTS 宣 布 事 項 預防子宮頸癌疫苗注射運動 Cervical Cancer Vaccination Campaign 大學保健處將於2010年10月4至8日(星期一至五)舉行預防子宮頸癌疫苗注射運動,為 十至二十五歲的全日制中大生、教職員及其家屬提供疫苗注射。地點為該處一樓健康教育 室,由上午9時至下午5時30分, 疫苗需於半年內注射三針,每針八百五十港元,詳細資料請瀏覽 hpv ,查詢電話2609 6428。第一針注射期過後,將不接受新症。 University Health Service (UHS) will organize the Cervical Cancer Vaccination Campaign from 4–8 October 2010, 9:00 am–5:30 pm at Health Education Room, 1/F University Health Centre. All full-time CUHK students, staff and staff dependants are welcome. The whole course of vaccination consists of three doses given over a period of six months. The cost of the vaccine is $850 per dose. Details can be viewed at www.cuhk. . For enquiries please call 2609 6428. Please note that UHS will not accept new cases out of the period of the first dose. 校園保健大使開始接受報名 Recruiting Campus Health Ambassadors 校園保健大使計劃是透過招募有志推廣健康的學生,給予健康知識訓練,加強他們的健 康意識,亦讓其運用所學,舉辦適合學生及教職員參加的健康推廣活動。此舉除可感染身 邊的朋友及同學實踐健康生活,更把此理念擴展至全校園。 訓練計劃由資深導師任教,提供多元化健康知識(如食物營養、體重管理、預防子宮頸 癌、精神健康等)及說話技巧訓練。計劃費用全免,完成訓練的保健大使獲發證書,亦會 選出傑出保健大使,並有機會往內地大學交流。 有興趣者可到保健處一樓健康教育組或書院輔導處索取報名表格,或於保健處網頁 ( ) 下載,填妥後交回或電郵 至, 獲選者將 獲個別通知,截止日期為2010年10月6日。 有關校園保健大使計劃及過往的活動,請瀏覽計劃網頁( w w w. cuh k . edu . h k / healthpromotion/chap.htm )。查詢請致電2609 6428與許小姐聯絡。 The Campus Health Ambassadors Programme aims at recruiting students as ambassadors, giving training (in Cantonese) on a variety of health knowledge (including nutrition, weight management, cervical cancer, mental health), presentation and communication skills. After training, they will organize health promotion activities for students and staff with subsidy. Certificates will be awarded on completion of the programme and outstanding ambassadors will be selected. They will also have an opportunity to join exchange visits to universities on the mainland. Interested students can obtain application forms at Health Education Unit, 1/F University Health Centre, College offices or download from . The completed forms can be submitted to the UHS or e-mailed to before 6 October 2010. Selected candidates will be individually notified. More information on Campus Health Ambassadors Programme can be viewed at . For enquiries please contact Ms. Hui at 2609 6428. 增添特約診所 Additional Contracted Physician 由2010年9月6日起,大學額外門診服務計劃增添一間特約診所,詳情如下: With effect from 6 September 2010, there is a new service provider under the Extra Outpatient Consultation Services Scheme. Details as follows: 醫生 Physician 江志強醫生 Dr. Kong Chi-keung 地址 Address 新界沙田橫壆街好運中心商場3樓39號舖 Shop 39, Lucky Plaza, Level 3, Wang Pok Street, Shatin 電話 Tel 2602 7000 診症時間 Consultation Hours 星期一至五 Mon to Fri 9:00 am-1:00 pm; 4:00 pm-8:00 pm 星期六 Sat 9:00 am-1:00 pm; 2:00 pm-6:00 pm 星期日 Sun 3:00 pm-7:00 pm 星期三及公眾假期 Wed & Public Holiday 休息 Closed 有關額外門診服務計劃的詳細內容及特約診所名單,可參閱人事處網頁( https://perntc. ) 。 Details of the scheme and the list of contracted clinics are available at the Personnel Office’s website ( ) . 防止性騷擾委員會十五周年展覽 Committee Against Sexual Harassment 15th Anniversary Exhibition 防止性騷擾委員會為慶祝成立十五周年,於9月起展開連串誌慶活動,包括短片及漫畫創 作比賽、巡迴展覽及研討會等。周年誌慶暨展覽開幕禮將於9月20日舉行,如欲了解委員 會的最新動態,請瀏覽防止性騷擾政策網頁( ) 。 The Committee Against Sexual Harassment is going to organize a range of activities to celebrate its 15th anniversary this September. Highlights include a short video and comic drawing competition, roving exhibitions and forums. The 15th anniversary celebration cum exhibition opening ceremony will be held on 20 September. For the latest, visit . 巡迴展覽 Roving Exhibitions 日期 Date 地點 Venue 20-30/9/2010 邵逸夫堂大堂 Foyer, Sir Run Run Shaw Hall 4-15/10/2010 利黃瑤璧樓利希慎音樂廳展覽廊 Exhibition Gallery, Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Esther Li Building 18-29/10/2010 西部教學大樓低層地下 Lower Ground, Teaching Complex at Western Campus 《滑浪》 大學保健處郭園醫生畫作 Windsurfing Painting by Dr. Memie Kwok of the University Health Service 藝 文 風 景 A TOUCH OF CLASS