Newsletter No. 380

第三八零期 二零一一年六月十九日  No. 380 19 June 2011 本刊由香港中文大學資訊處出版,每月出版兩期。截稿日期及稿例載於 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published by the Information Services Office, CUHK, on a fortnightly basis. Submission guidelines and deadlines can be found at . P2 《新定九宮大成南北詞宮譜譯註》出版,令現代人 能一探古代中國音樂的瑰麗珍奇。 The spirit of ancient Chinese tunes has been revived with the publication of an annotated anthology of ancient Chinese music. P4 「人家不明白,覺得為何值得花 那麼多時間在跑步上,但我們 心中是有個目標要達到。」 ‘Other people don’t understand why we devote so much time and energy to running. We runners are motivated by a goal we set out to accomplish.’ P12 「出版本是『愛智慧』的行 業,一旦變成『愛利潤』的 行業,意思就沒有了。」 ‘The book industry should be the one devoted to the pursuit of wisdom. It’s meaningless when it is dedicated to the pursuit of profit.’ 師法自然 如果有一天你經過校園,發覺有只金屬和塑膠做的巨型毛蟲在樹上攀爬,不用驚訝, 這不是入侵地球的外星生物,而是現代機器人實驗室主任徐揚生教授與林天麟博士 發明的爬樹寶寶。兩位學者經常結伴爬山,賞遊之餘,從在樹上爬行的蟲類得到啟 發,研發出輕巧靈活的爬樹機器人。(全文詳見頁8) Mimicking Mother Nature Don’t be surprised if you spot a robot wriggling up a tree on CUHK campus. It is not a giant alien worm but the Treebot invented by CUHK experts on robotics. Inspired by inchworms while out hiking, Prof. Xu Yangsheng, and Dr. Lam Tin-lun from the Advanced Robotics Laboratory invented the lightweight tree-climbing robot to do health checks on plants. (For the full story, please read p.8) 本刊於暑期休刊,下期(第三八一期)將於8月19日出版。 The CUHK Newsletter will take a break after this issue and resume publication on 19 August.