Newsletter No. 383

2 No. 383, 19.9.2011 以收生中位數計算,聯招成績最高的五個課程/專修範圍: Top five programmes/disciplines in terms of the median scores of the admitted JUPAS applicants: • • 環球商業學 Global Business Studies • • 國際貿易與中國企業 International Business and Chinese Enterprise • • 計量金融學 Quantitative Finance • • 藥劑學 Pharmacy • • 醫學 Medicine 新生的第一堂課 Freshmen’s First Lesson 月 曆翻到9月,又是開學的季節。每年新生入學禮上 校長的致辭,大抵可視作大學新生的第一堂課。從 校長的片言隻語中,他們隱約捉摸到這大學的精神和教育 理念,也依稀看到未來幾年大學生活的模樣。 中大於9月5日早上舉行本科生入學典禮。 沈祖堯 校長在致 辭中勉勵新生要放眼世界,認識國際層面的不同問題。因 為全球各國互相依賴,舉凡經濟動盪、二氧化碳排放及傳 染病等問題,不獨影響單一國家,而是遍及全球。 沈校長要求新生負起世界公民的責任,為解決問題貢獻一 己之力。他鼓勵學生多參與社會服務和活動,例如往訪非 洲了解貧窮及愛滋病問題、幫助四川地震災民、本港新移 民和少數族裔等,但參與這些活動「不是為了爭取學分,或 為增厚履歷,而是為了窺悉人間實況,預早認知校園以外 大家日後面對的現實世界」。 他還寄語新生:「如果大學生在離開校門時還沒有省察到 自己對他人和整個世界既有權利、復有義務,那麼,他們 便辜負了在求學階段修己達人、為踏足現實世界作好準備 的機會。」 最後,他以林語堂《孔子的智慧》的一段話作結:「高等教 育的目標在於保存人高尚的品格,在賦予人民新的生命, 在止於完美之境。知道止於完美的境界之後,對人生才有 固定的宗旨。」 為悼念早前不幸辭世的物理系新生 李天蔚 ,沈校長在致辭 前與所有師生默哀一分鐘,並誦讀其父 李偉才 博士的信。 李博士說:「天蔚就像流星的出沒,她的一生雖然短暫,但 當中充滿了愛與歡樂。她的一生是充實而有意義的。」李 博士此信勉勵大家要活出有意義的人生。 W hen the calendar flips to September, another school year begins. The Vice-Chancellor’s welcoming address at the annual inauguration ceremony for freshmen is essentially the first lesson of the new entrants. From the Vice-Chancellor’s words, they learn about the spirit and educational philosophy of the University, and have an idea of what their university life will be like in the next few years. CUHK held the inauguration ceremony for freshmen on 5 September. In his welcoming speech, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung encouraged students to open their minds and their hearts to the world and its problems, apart from acquiring knowledge and enhancing their social skills. It is because today, a problem in one country can easily affect the rest of the world, whether it be financial turmoil, carbon emissions or an epidemic. Professor Sung urged the new students to fulfil their responsibilities as a global citizen and take part in social service, such as striving to understand poverty and AIDS- related problems in Africa, rendering services to victims of the Sichuan earthquake, and assisting new immigrants and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. But he stressed, ‘I encourage you to take part in these activities, not as a means to earn your credit points, or to lengthen your résumé, but to take a peek at the “real” world which is waiting for you out there.’ He added, ‘If university students graduate without acquiring a sense of their rights and responsibilities to others and to the world, it would be a failure, on the part of the students, in attaining the maturity required for entering into the “real” world.’ Professor Sung concluded his speech with an extract from Lin Yutang’s The Wisdom of Confucius , ‘The principles of the higher education consist in preserving man’s clear character, in giving new life to the people, and in dwelling in perfection, or the ultimate good. Only after knowing the goal of perfection where one should dwell, can one have a definite purpose in life.’ As a mark of respect to Fiona Lee , the physics undergraduate admitted this year who unfortunately passed away earlier, Professor Sung was joined by all attending teachers and students in observing a one-minute silence before his speech. Professor Sung also read out a letter from Fiona’s father, Dr. Lee Wai-choi , who said, ‘Though Fiona’s life was short as a meteor, it was filled with love and joy; it was also fruitful and meaningful.’ Dr. Lee’s words served to encourage students to live a meaningful life. 2011年的中大新生 New Students of the 2011 Intake 今年透過大學聯合招生辦法共錄取二千三百五十五名學 生,均是在高考中表現傑出者,包括一名6A生、五名5A生、 十七名4A生,近百分之四十在高考中考獲3A或以上成績 的考生獲中大錄取。其中,有一千零七十五人在高考中考 獲最少一科A級成績,人數為參與聯招的九所院校之冠。 大學還在最後一屆的「中六生優先錄取計劃」中錄取了 二百零七名本港中六學生,約佔所有申請人的43%。其中 四名是十優尖子,三名入讀環球商業學,另一名則選擇 數學。此外,中大通過「非聯招計劃」錄取了不少成績優 異的學生,包括一名在國際文憑課程預科試(IB)中取得 四十五分滿分的學生。 聯招收生分數最高的課程/專業範圍: Top programmes/disciplines as ranked by the highest scores of the admitted JUPAS applicants: • • 環球商業學 Global Business Studies • • 藥劑學 Pharmacy • • 工商管理學士綜合課程 Integrated BBA • • 計量金融學 Quantitative Finance • • 醫學 Medicine • • 心理學 Psychology