Newsletter No. 443

443 • 19.9.2014 1 443 19 • 09 • 2014 都 說三三四學制下的新鮮人比以前更稚嫩,可不是?學期初,校園到處是一張 張未脫中學生氣質的臉孔,帶點好奇與陌生,追趕着校巴,在飯堂排着長隊。 然而,唸大學畢竟是催人成熟的過程。才十八歲的醫科一年級生,甫開學便白袍加 身,給提醒行醫的責任。未進病房,先進解剖室,與死亡面對面。孔聖說「未知生, 焉知死」,看來也不盡然。與死者打交道多年的防腐師伍桂麟和大家談談如何由死 悟生。 任何專業和大能,欠缺制衡,後果堪虞。大學深明此道,設立生命倫理中心,為醫療相 關專業以及其他學科的學生開設生命倫理課程。霍泰輝和陳家亮兩位教授向我們解 釋背後理念。 無論職場要求的技能怎樣日新月異,修養始終是成就事業的基石,不容忽略。 Mr. H. 今期說的是審言慎行的重要。 U nder the 3+3+4 curriculum, freshmen tend to be younger. At the start of the academic year, the campus brims with curious adolescents looking like they’re barely out of secondary school, chasing school buses or lining up outside cafeterias. The university will be where they grow up and mature. Year 1 medical students, only 18 years old, don their white coats and take the oath to uphold professional ethics. But before entering the ward, they stop in the autopsy room. Confucius said, ‘If you do not know life, how can you know death?’ The reverse can also be true. Working face to face with death on a daily basis, the University’s embalmer Ng Kwai-lun Pasu shares how he gets inspiration for life from the eternal sleep. The University knows that any profession needs checks and balances. CUHK founded Hong Kong’s first bioethics centre to provide ethics education to medical students and students of other disciplines. Professors Fok Tai-fai and Francis Chan talk to us about the vision and mission of the centre. Job requirements may change but real substance remains the foundation of any career. Mr. H. discusses the importance of discretion in this issue. 目錄 Contents 廿一世紀生命倫理 The Ethics of 21st Century Medical Practice 2 Letters to a Young Executive 3 洞明集 In Plain View 4 博文貫珍 The Galleria 5 中大新生開展學術新旅程 New Students Begin Their Academic Journey at CUHK 6 . . . 校園消息 Campus News 7 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 8 宣布事項 Announcements 9 口談實錄 Viva Voce 10 醫學院在9月6日舉行首屆「白袍典禮」,逾二百名新入學的醫科生在院長帶領下宣讀誓詞,承諾恪守醫者的最高專業操守。 Led by the Dean of Medicine, over 200 newly admitted medical students took the oath to uphold the highest professional ethics in the inaugural ‘White Coat Ceremony’ held on 6 September. 照顧「無言老師」寶貴身軀的防腐師伍桂麟(頁10) Ng Kwai-lun Pasu, caretaker of ‘Silent Teachers’ (p. 10)