Newsletter No. 444

444 • 4.10.2014 1 444 04 • 10 • 2014 環 顧世界各地學府,學士後課程人數超越本科生的,比比皆是,似乎不修一 兩個碩士學位,難以加強競爭力。話雖如此,本校哲學文學碩士課程學員要 取得的卻不是一張職場通行證,而是透解人生密碼的哲學世界入場券。裏面有甚 麽,就由課程師生在本期特稿現身說法吧。 學習過程的重要性不下於成果,學習範疇也無須拘泥於專業。人事處處長利順琼大 學畢業後加入高等院校工作至今,從未疏於學習。世事洞明皆學問,她進修的不叫 人事管理課程,所學卻能應用於工作,年輕同事不妨聽聽她的故事。 不是說水火不容嗎?余濟美教授卻向水入手,尋索新的潔淨燃料,又一次說明不設規 限是創造知識的門徑。「洞明集」為各位介紹這項有趣的研究。 I n institutions of higher learning all over the world, postgraduate programmes often have a higher enrolment than their undergraduate counterparts. The belief that having a couple of Master’s degrees sharpens one’s competitive edge seems quite widespread. That said, the students of the University’s MA in Philosophy programme are not after professional advancement; their aim is to decipher life and the world through the teachings of philosophy. Let them and their teachers tell you what’s in it for them. The importance of learning should not be measured only by the results. Similarly, the contents of learning should not be bound by one’s profession. Director of Personnel Ms. Corinna Lee has not stopped learning since she graduated from college and joined a tertiary institution. Not pursuing further studies in personnel management, yet what she learnt she applied effectively to her job. Younger colleagues may be able to learn a few things from her. Fire and water are opposites, but Prof. Jimmy Yu finds the key to a clean fuel in water, showing once again that thinking out of the box is the pathway to new knowledge. ‘In Plain View’ has more on this interesting research. 目錄 Contents 關於哲學,他們想學的是…… What a Myriad of Reasons to Study Philosophy 2 洞明集 In Plain View 4 字裏科技 Tech Talks 5 . . . 校園消息 Campus News 6 宣布事項 Announcements 7 舌尖上的中大 CUHK f+b 7 口談實錄 Viva Voce 8 校園流芳 New Addition to Artistic Scene on Campus 位於逸夫書院的芳艷芬藝術傳承計劃展覽館在8月28日開幕,楊梁燕芳女士(即芳艷芬)( 中 )逾二十位家人及友好出席開幕典禮。 The opening ceremony of the Fong Yim Fun Art Gallery at Shaw College was held on 28 August with more than 20 family members and friends of Mrs. Katie Yang (aka Fong Yim-fun) ( centre ) in attendance. 人事處處長利順琼談和諧樂聲與工作環境(頁8) Director of Personnel Lee Shun-king Corinna on harmony in music and the workplace (p.8)