Newsletter No. 449/450

449/450 • 19.12.2014 1 449/ 450 19 • 12 • 2014 目錄 Contents 世界就是教室 The World as Classroom 2 Letters to a Young Executive 4 博文貫珍 The Galleria 4 大學頒授學位典禮 Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 5 字裏科技 Tech Talks 7 舌尖上的中大 CUHK f+b 7 . . . 校園消息 Campus News 8 宣布事項 Announcements 9 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 9 口談實錄 Viva Voce 10 校友回家 Welcome Home, Alumni 11月29日的中大校友日,舊生帶着畢業後組織的新家庭回到母校,認識自己當年度過青蔥歲月的地方。 On Alumni Homecoming Day on 29 November, former students returned to their alma mater to show their new families around the place where they had spent some memorable years. 博文教學獎得主:倪錫欽教授(頁10) Prof. Ngai Sek-yum Steven, recipient of the University Education Award (p.10) Photo by ISO staff 本 期通訊的內容,幾乎每一篇都有資訊科技的身影。到保加利亞實習的學生談 到該地即使是大學宿舍也沒有WiFi,然而,他的工作也還是為麵包店設計 網頁。獲頒榮譽博士學位的周濟院士,致力推動武漢的光電子資訊產業,使之成為 「中國光谷」。博文教育獎得主倪錫欽教授點出互聯網導致網癖和隱蔽,也衍生了 新的輔導模式。 「物聯網」疏而不漏,無從逃避。一切步伐都催快了,我們已不耐煩等待。隔天不覆 的電郵,三分鐘不答的WhatsApp,統統叫人焦慮。 萬事好像都不容許醞釀期。初涉職場的年輕人急於求成,汲汲於建立比同儕優勝 的技能,籌劃晉升之路,差點忘了修養與興趣的培育。H君寄語這位通過了試用期的 後輩,莫忘了欣賞路旁風景。我們上一次駐足又是幾時? I nformation technology is everywhere in this issue of the Newsletter . A student who interned in Bulgaria pointed out that the dormitory he was staying at did not have WiFi, yet one of his responsibilities there was to design a webpage for a bakery. Prof. Zhou Ji, who was conferred an honorary degree by the University, is committed to promoting optical science research in Wuhan with the aim of turning it into the Optics Valley of China. A recipient of the University Education Award, Prof. Steven Ngai says the Internet has given rise to new addictions and problems, but also opened up new channels for youth counselling. There’s no escaping from the Internet of Things. It has sped up the rhythm of our lives and shortened our attention spans. E-mails not replied to within two days, WhatsApp messages that fail to solicit a response for three minutes are all causes for anxiety. We are all running out of patience it seems. Young recruits to the job market are eager to climb the corporate ladder and beat their peers to success. They might forget about important qualities such as integrity and interest. H cautions new joiners who have just passed the probation period against forgetting to appreciate the scenery along the way. When was the last time we too stopped to look out of the window? 佳 節 快 樂 Seasons' Greetings