Newsletter No. 454

454 • 19.3.2015 1 454 19 • 03 • 2015 香 港老話,開書店或辦雜誌,都是累己累人。你看地鐵內人人拿在手上看的都是 手機而不是書,就知道書的處境有多惡劣。不過,逢時書室創辦人雖千萬人吾往 矣,開張兩月的這爿小店,在中大校園掌起一盞文化的燈火。 香港書店的生存環境艱難,多半與昂貴租金有關。一項調查得出香港的中位樓價收入 比為14.9(即平均樓價是平均年收入的14.9倍),連續四年成為全球樓價最難負擔城市 榜首。姚松炎教授在本期為讀者分析本港高樓價的成因和解決辦法。 同樣是慢火烹調、五味紛陳,本期介紹的還有教學質素保證的天書和鑊氣騰騰的芙蓉 蛋飯,兩者各有擁躉。讀者們,找機會揭一揭或嚐一嚐吧! A local clichés goes: ‘If you want to ruin someone, ask him to open a bookstore or publish a magazine.’ The waning star of the Book can be glimpsed in the subway where the majority abandon the printed pages in favour of their smartphone screens. But the founders of Timing Bookstore are not afraid of going against the grain. Two months in business, the bookstore is a beacon to bibliophiles and aspiring scholars and literati on campus. The gloom of most bookstores in Hong Kong is due to the bloom of local rental values. With a median multiple of 14.9 (the average land price being 14.9 times the average yearly income) by one survey, home ownership in Hong Kong has almost become an impossibility. Prof. Edward Yiu will tell you how this came about and what can be done about it. This issue also introduces the reader to two arts practised on campus, one pedagogic and the other gastronomic. Equally slow-cooked and richly marinated, the Quality Manual and the Egg Foo Yong fill the appetites of their respective clients. Dear Reader, get nurtured and nourished! 他在矽谷從老搭檔Charles Cantor博士手中接過2015年度個人化醫學國際會議頒發的先驅大獎。 He received the Pioneer Award at the Personalized Medicine World Conference 2015 in Silicon Valley from his long-time collaborator Dr. Charles Cantor. 目錄 Contents 讀書有時,開店有時——訪逢時書室 A Time to Read, a Time to Open a Bookstore 2 教與學質素寶典 A Manual for Mentors and Mentees 4 字裏科技 Tech Talks 5 舌尖上的中大 CUHK f+b 5 . . . 校園消息 Campus News 6 宣布事項 Announcements 7 口談實錄 Viva Voce 8 恭賀盧煜明教授! Congratulations Prof. Dennis Lo! 姚松炎:香港宜居度急降 (頁8) Edward Yiu: The livability of the city has deteriorated (p. 8) Photo by ISO staff 盧煜明教授提供 Courtesy of Prof. Dennis Lo