Newsletter No. 473

Photo by ISO staff 「中大有晴」活動在百萬大道上擺設了各式各樣的遊戲裝置,希望大家在繁忙的學業和工作中找到平衡點,將壓力轉化成動力,共同體驗生活的美好。 ‘Sunshine at CUHK’ features a variety of playground installations at the University Mall to help you relax amid your busy schedule. 你玩過嗎? Have you tried this? 目錄 CONTENTS 2 特寫 Feature 小商店大使命—山城士多 Mart with a Mission—A Store in CUHK 4 . . . 校園消息 Campus News 6 財金淺趣 Financially Friendly 6 說東道西 7 宣布事項 Announcements 8 口談實錄 Viva Voce 絕不「離地」 (頁8) Down to Earth ( p. 8 ) Photo by ISO staff 編見 電動滑板車曾一度風靡全世界,被《時代》評為去年世界二十五項最佳發明之一。 《時代》選出的其他最佳發明,還包括一種鷹咀豆做的意式麪食,蛋白質和纖維含量都比 普通的意式麪食高出多倍,但碳水化合物卻相對低。更有一個座檯基因測試器,可在數小 時內把人類基因複製出來,以便作排列分析之用。 創新往往由科技推動,但在人人都把科技智珠在握的年代,破立通常都發自內心而非指尖。 真正的創新,當然要算進一群伍宜孫書院師生的心血結晶,他們的「山城士多」,不僅濟人燃 眉,而且關懷社眾。山城士多的故事,已不止一次在媒體報道,但今期的特寫,肯定更能觸 動你心。 《時代》選出的另一最佳發明是人工智能平底鍋,可以教用者烹調出不同菜式,意念最先來 自兩位麻省理工學生。戴沛權教授(右圖)在麻省理工念的是環境工程,其後在哈佛深造, 中途想過放棄轉投前線環保工作。今期「口談實錄」,說的是一個深愛自然的年青學者的成 長故事。 Editorially Speaking Until its road safety was called into question, the hoverboard scooter was the world’s rage and one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2015 named by Time . Other inventions given recognition by Time include a pasta made from chickpeas that contains more protein and fibre but fewer carbohydrates than traditional pasta and a desktop DNA lab that can make copies of the human genes in three hours for further analysis and matching. Innovations are always powered by technology. But when everyone is tech savvy if not a wizard, it is often a spark from the heart that makes the difference, or the breakthrough. True innovations must include what some students of Wu Yee Sun College have spawned. Their online grocery store combines necessity with social responsibility, and accomplishes much beyond commerce and convenience. Though the story of the store has been widely reported in the media, our in-depth version in these pages will touch a deeper chord. Another best invention of 2015, an AI pan that teaches a user how to cook the food in it, was first dreamed up by two MIT students. Prof. Amos Tai ( right ) studied environmental engineering at MIT, and later Harvard where he had at one point thought of quitting to join an NGO. It’s fortunate that he didn’t. The bildungsroman of a young scientist who cares deeply for the air and the sea can be found in ‘Viva Voce’. 473 • 4.3.2016 1 473 4 • 3 • 2016