Newsletter No. 480

學者 • 旅人 (頁10) The Scholar Traveller ( p. 10 ) Photo by ISO staff 編見 英語可以視作第二語言來教與學,但如果視它為第二天職,學生就會學得更有效,而且樂在其中。 起碼,中大英語教學單位主管是秉持這份信念的,她向《中大通訊》提到自己如何打破常規,讓各 科學生獲取教學單位種種資源,從中有所裨益,又能向教學團隊親炙語言學習之道。 陳英凝,中大公共衞生學院教授及CCOUC災害與人道救援研究所所長,比一般醫生肩負更多任務, 救急扶危與啟導學生投身其中,同為她重中之重的天職。她描述自己還是本科生的時候,在津巴 布韋親睹新生嬰兒夭折,幾年後在泰國看見一位白衣天使照料垂死愛滋病人,這都是她人道救援 學習之始。 此外,我們恭賀楊汝萬教授(右圖)獲西安大略大學頒授榮譽博士銜,也扼要概述他漫長而輝煌 的事業,包括加入中大以前和之後的軌跡。總括而言,近五十年來,他出版了五十四本書,跑過八十 多個國家,把世界景觀化為二萬張幻燈片,又豈是一個榮譽學銜可以概括。 近幾星期以來的天氣極度炎熱又不穩定,讓我們知道盛夏將至。各位讀者,我們8月底再見吧,記 得躲避似火驕陽和傾盆大雨。 Editorially Speaking English may be taught and learned as a second language, but if it is also regarded as a second calling it would be more productive and enjoyable to its learners. At least that’s what the Director of the English Language Teaching Unit at CUHK suggested. She talked to the Newsletter about how she broke the mould to make sure that students from different disciplines can access and benefit from the plethora of the unit’s resources and the attention and expert advice of her team. Emily Chan, a professor of public health and director of CCOUC, may be doing so much more than an ordinary doctor does. Helping people in dire circumstances and teaching students how to do the same is to her a calling of the first order. She recounted to us the dawning of her benevolent leanings when she, as an undergraduate, witnessed the death of a newborn in Zimbabwe and a few years later how a dying AIDS patient in Thailand was nursed by an angel. We next congratulate Prof. Yeung Yue-man ( right photo ), who received an honorary doctorate from the University of Western Ontario, and take a short overview of his long and illustrious career, pre- and post-CUHK included. By any count, a tally of 54 books, footprints in over 80 countries, and preserving the world’s images in 20,000 slides in the span of a half-century of service is something no honorary conferment can even approximate. Extreme heat and unstable weather in recent weeks have given us a glimpse of the summer ahead. Until we meet again in late August, Readers, stay out of the sun and the downpour. for donating over 6,000 items of Sin Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe Cantonese opera diva, Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung thanks 捐贈六千多件任白粵劇藏品 白雪仙 沈祖堯校長感謝 粵劇名伶 Dr. Pak Suet-sin, 480 • 19.6.2016 1 480 19 • 6 • 2016