Bulletin No. 2, 2019

18 Chinese University Bulletin No.2, 2019 Spring Flowering and Autumn Fruiting ‘Scholarship ripens like a growing tree, flowering in the spring and fruiting in the autumn.’ Yan Zhitui (AD 531–591), Yanshi jiaxun Before any fruit is born, CUHK researchers, young or veteran, spare no effort in flexing their intellect and creativity in their chosen fields of endeavour and pursuing their goals to the highest standard of scholarship. With research interests spanning a wide variety of topics, such as the comparative studies of Southern Mǐn, the exploration of the rise of punitive anti-drug campaigns in Asia, and the genome-wide association data studies for drug positioning, the recipients of the Young Researcher Award 2018, and, for that matter, those in previous years and in years to come, have been and will be assiduous in responding to the everyday facets of human existence. Researchers nowadays are instrumental in transforming the world, not only by creating translational knowledge but also by dedicating themselves to pushing frontiers and blazing trails. The local crop of young researchers at CUHK, whom the University is careful to nurture and proud to present, can look forward to many springs and many autumns to come.