Bulletin No. 1, 2021

Predictive analytics AS2 can also make predictions using the data and alert operators to potential disruptions. This allows for rapid and proactive actions. Real-time analytics Using IoT data from over 6,000 GPS- equipped and/or Bluetooth-ready service vehicles and non-motorized equipment on the apron, flight movement data, and video footage of parking stands and other strategic locations, the AI-powered AS2 can provide in-depth analysis of turn- around processes currently taking place. Warnings are pushed to ramp handlers when such events as delays in baggage delivery are detected. A prototype Internet of Things (IoT)-augmented airfield service system, AS2, has been developed to provide ground handlers with a bird’s eye view of aircraft turnarounds at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) in real time. The project was given the Smart Mobility Grand Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019. Powered by AI, its latest production version promises detailed descriptive and predictive analytics based on data collected from a network of thousands of equipment on the apron. Orchestrating Airfield Operations with AI Developed by Centre of Cyber Logistics, CUHK and ubiZense Ltd. Commissioned by Airport Authority Hong Kong 10 CHINESE UNIVERSITY BULLETIN NO.1, 2021