Calendar 2020-21

The Constituent Colleges 33 Part 1 Lee Woo Sing College Lee Woo Sing College was established in 2007 with very generous support from the Li Foundation (Bing Hua Tang). The motto of Lee Woo Sing College, Wisdom , Humanity , Integrity , Harmony highlights the cultivation of virtue and pursuit of knowledge. The emblem of the College is made up of three ancient Chinese characters— people , mountain , and harmony which embraces nurturing leaders, emphasising the interaction with the nature, and maintaining a harmonious culture. The College provides various experiential learning opportunities to facilitate the whole- person development of students. It includes a wide-range of interdisciplinary and student-oriented general education courses, various academic and cultural co-curricular activities, such as overseas exchange and mentorship programmes. The College’s beautiful campus is commanding the tranquil view of Tolo Harbour. The idea of the campus design is to make the buildings blend in with the nature. The campus implements advanced technologies, such as an integrated security system. There are comprehensive learning and leisure facilities, and four catering outlets on campus. To advocate the importance of green life and sustainability, the College has implemented a number of new energy-saving technologies and measures on campus, such as the installation of the first Hong Kong in-room digital meter with Octopus payment system, and a high-efficiency CIGS solar energy system. Besides, the College’s Sky garden and Green Ambassador Programme help to raise students’ awareness of protecting the environment.