Calendar 2020-21

The Council 47 Part 2 Not more than six other persons, normally resident in Hong Kong, who shall be elected by the Council Dr. Ho Tzu-leung 何子樑 Dr. Raymond P.L. Kwok 郭炳聯 Dr. Chien Lee 利乾 Dr. Anita F.Y. Leung 梁鳳儀 Mr. Thomas C.B. Liang 梁祥彪 Mr. Roger K.H. Luk 陸觀豪 Not exceeding three members elected by the Convocation from among its members Mr. Enders W.H. Lam 林偉雄 (until 31 August 2020) Ms. Cynthia C.F. Liu 廖昭薰 Mr. Anthony T.T. Yuen 阮德添 Senior Adviser to the Council Dr. Edgar W.K. Cheng 鄭維健 Secretary of the Council Mr. Eric S.P. Ng 吳樹培