Calendar 2020-21

78 Part 2 • Establishment Part 2 Advisory Board of the Asian Institute of Supply Chains & Logistics Chairman Ms. Anna Lin 林潔貽 , GS1 Hong Kong Members Ms. Wendy Chien 錢文莉 , Dimerco Express Group, Taiwan Ir Dr. Anthony Lau 劉少榮 , Pacific Air Limited Ms. Vivian Lau 劉少坤 , Pacific Air Holdings Limited Ms. Angela Lee 李頌恩 , Transport and Housing Bureau Mr. Leung Kwok-kee 梁國基 , UPS Parcel Delivery Service Ltd. Mr. William Ma 馬榮楷 , Kerry Logistics Netwok Limited Prof. James S. Tsien 錢乃駿 , Hong Kong Baptist University Mr. Andy Tung 董立均 , Island Navigation Corporation International Limited Mr. Anthony Wong 黃思豪 Prof. Vincent Wong 汪煒城 , CUHK Mr. Algernon Yau 丘應樺 , Cathay Pacific Airways Limited Prof. Zhao Xiande 趙先德 , China Europe International Business School ex officio Members Prof. Waiman Cheung 張惠民 Director, Asian Institute of Supply Chains & Logistics, CUHK Prof. Sean Zhou 周翔 Director, Centre for Supply Chain Management, CUHK Prof. Lam Wai 林偉 Director, Centre for Logistics Technologies and Supply Chain Optimization, CUHK Prof. Jeff Yeung 楊海仁 Director, Institute Development Office, Asian Institute of Supply Chains & Logistics, CUHK Secretary Ms. Tammy Wong 汪筱瑩 , CUHK