Calendar 2021-22

Academic Units and Programmes of Studies 109 Part 3 A cademic Units and Programmes of Studies Full-time Undergraduate Studies Eligibility for admission is conditional upon fulfilment of the entrance requirements of the University set out in the Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies (please go to regulations for details). The University’s Faculties of Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Science offer a wide range of undergraduate programmes leading to the BA, BBA, BChiMed, BEd, BEng, LLB, MBChB, BNurs, BPharm, BSc, and BSSc degrees. The University started offering double degree programmes in 2006–07, and collaborating with renowned institutions overseas and on the mainland to offer Dual Undergraduate Degree Programmes with effect from 2019–20. A student who satisfies the conditions for graduation shall be awarded a bachelor’s degree with one of the following classifications: First Class Honours, Second Class Honours Upper Division, Second Class Honours Lower Division, Third Class Honours, and Pass. Degree classification is based on the grade point averages of major and other courses, and the result of the graduation thesis/project. However, the degrees of MBChB are awarded on the basis of professional examinations and BChiMed on the basis of the clinical studies. (Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook at hk/documents/ug_student_handbook.html for details of the undergraduate study programmes.) n n Curriculum Structure The normal length of study for a full-time programme is four to five years with the exception of Chinese medicine programme and medical studies. A senior year entrant admitted to programmes specially designed for articulation by associate degree/higher diploma holders shall normally be expected to graduate after two years of attendance. The curriculum (excluding MBChB) is based on a credit unit system. For graduation, a student shall successfully complete at least 123 units of courses, which include the major programme requirement as well as the university core requirements of general education, English and Chinese