Calendar 2022-23

12 Part 1 • General Information Part 1 13. Statutes (1) The Council may by special resolution make Statutes, subject to the approval thereof by the Chancellor, prescribing or providing for— (a) the administration of the University; (b) the membership of the University; (c) appointments, elections, resignation and retirement and removal of officers and teachers of the University; (d) examinations; (e) the conferring of degrees and the award of other academic distinctions; (f) the composition, powers and duties of the Council and the Senate; (g) the Faculties and Schools of Studies, their membership and functions; (h) the Boards of Studies, their membership and functions; (i) the Convocation; (j) the exercise of any function by the University, the Council, the Senate, the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, other officers, teachers and other members; (k) financial procedure; (l) fees payable to the University as a condition of admission to any examinations held by the University or for the conferring of any of the degrees of the University or for the award of any diploma or certificate or other academic distinction or for attendance at a University Extension Course or any similar purpose; (m) the admission, welfare and discipline of students; and (n) generally, the carrying into effect of this Ordinance. (2) The Statutes contained in Schedule 1 shall have effect as if made and approved under subsection (1). 14. Decrees and regulations Subject to this Ordinance and the Statutes, the Council and the Senate may from time to time make decrees and regulations respectively to direct and regulate the affairs of the University. 15. Degrees and other awards The University may— (a) confer such degrees as may be specified in the Statutes; (b) award diplomas and certificates and such other academic distinctions as may be specified in the Statutes; (c) provide such lectures and instruction for persons not being members of the University as the University may determine; (d) confer degrees honoris causa of Master or Doctor in accordance with the Statutes; and (e) subject to the Statutes, deprive any person of any degree conferred or diploma, certificate or other academic distinction awarded by the University.