Calendar 2023-24

CUHK Ordinance 9 Part 1 “original College” ( 原有書院 ) means any of the following— (a) Chung Chi College; (b) The United College of Hong Kong; (c) New Asia College; (Added 59 of 1986 s. 4) “precincts” ( 院校範圍 ) means, in relation to the University, the boundaries of Lot No. 725 in Demarcation District 42; “repealed Ordinance” ( 已廢除條例 ) means The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance (Cap 1109 1965 Ed.) repealed by section 21; “Statutes” ( 規程 ) means the Statutes of the University contained in Schedule 1 as the same may from time to time be amended or replaced under section 13(1); “teacher” ( 教師 ) means a member of the full-time teaching staff of the University of the rank of Assistant Lecturer and above; “University” ( 香港中文大學 ) means The Chinese University of Hong Kong ( 香港中文大學 ) continued under section 4. (2) A special resolution is a resolution passed at one meeting of the Council and confirmed at a subsequent meeting held not less than 1 month nor more than 6 months thereafter and which is approved at each such meeting by— (a) not less than three-fourths of those present and voting; and (b) not less than half the whole membership of the Council. 3. University to have constituent Colleges (1) The constituent Colleges of the University are the original Colleges, Shaw College and such other institutions as may from time to time by Ordinance, in accordance with a special resolution of the Council, be declared to be constituent Colleges of the University. (Amended 59 of 1986 s. 4) (2) No provision in the constitution of any constituent College shall be of effect if it is in conflict with or inconsistent with this Ordinance. (Amended 59 of 1986 s. 4) (3) No person shall be excluded from being a member of the University by reason of sex, race or religion. 4. Continuation of incorporation of the University (1) The constituent Colleges and members of the University shall be or continue to be a body corporate called The Chinese University of Hong Kong ( 香港中文大學 ) which shall be the same University as that established by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance 1963 (28 of 1963). (Amended 59 of 1986 s. 4) (2) The University shall have perpetual succession and may sue and be sued in that name and shall have and may use a common seal and may take by gift or otherwise purchase and hold, grant, demise or otherwise dispose of real or personal estate. (3) No dividend or bonus shall be paid and no gift or division of money shall be made by or on behalf of the University to any of its members except by way of prize, reward or special grant.