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Strategic Research Areas and Themes CUHK’s research strategies aim to realize its vision as a centre of excellence for developing cutting-edge research and emerging interdisciplinary strengths that have global impact and significant contributions to society, through translating research findings into practical applications. Riding on our current research strengths, four major research areas incorporating 16 cross-cutting themes have been identified in the CUHK Strategic Plan 2016–2020 . Smart and Sustainable Cities Climate Change Plant Molecular, Cell and Agricultural Biology and Food Security Renewable Energy and Natural Resources Population Studies: Migration, Youth Development and Ageing Management Environment and Sustainability · · · · · Intelligent Reasoning and Cognition Big Data and eLearning Research Robotics Network Coding Information and Automation Technology · · · · China Studies China’s Global Challenges Roots of Chinese Culture · · Genetic, Genomic and Precision Medicine Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Brain and Mind Integrative Medicine Innovative Medical Devices · · · · · Translational Biomedicine 34 RESEARCH