Facts and Figures

On Campus Outside Campus Non-hostel Buildings and Facilities Hostel Buildings Total Bandwidth to Campus Backbone 347Gbps 730Gbps 39.92Gbps No. of Buildings Connected to Campus Network 99 48 12 No. of Buildings with Wi-Fi Coverage 73 48 9 Length of Fibre-optic Cables 68.51km 60.52km 18 Connections provided by FTNS Operators No. of Computer Outlets 34,582 11,006 5,268 No. of Wi-Fi Access Points 2,199 4,997 247 >16,500 + Maximum no. of Concurrent Wi-Fi Users 26,100 10,830 2,495 No. of IP Phones 5,520 300 310 Campus Network International Local via HKIX Internet Bandwidth 4.36Gbps 20Gbps + via Wi-Fi Partnership Programme including major coffee shops, shopping malls, convenience stores, airport and public phone kiosks 41 FACILITIES