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At the inauguration ceremony on 2 September, Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, CUHK Vice-Chancellor, exhorted the new undergraduates to live their university life in a simple, humble and noble manner. He also welcomed the new students from Hong Kong, the mainland and abroad who had earlier arrived on campus to orient themselves to their chosen disciplines and assigned Colleges. In fact, a new College, Wu Yee Sun, had its first 'checking-in' exercise this year. Heavy bags and suitcases on rollers were a common sight on campus in early September. Happy moving in!

Chinese medicine is both art and science, and it is insular to neither modern scientific theories nor western medical practice. In 'Thus Spake…', Prof. Albert W.N. Leung will tell you how he had come from being a biochemist to the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine at CUHK. He will also give his advice to those who are considering a career in Chinese medicine.

On the more indulgent side, we continue to go around campus and try out different brands and settings for coffee consumption. Here is the second instalment of our cruise in coffee. Like the phoenix or feng, a symbol of CUHK, which we have heard so much about but never saw, the Seal of the Vice-Chanellor is herein revealed to many for the first time.